Linking Facebook to your Gumroad account

When putting your Gumroad account together, you are prompted in your Settings menu to give yourself a username

Create a username, click Update account at the bottom of the page, and scroll back up to your username. Click the link to go to your Profile page. 

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On the left side of the screen, you'll see the option to link to your Facebook account. Click the Facebook button.

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If you are not logged into Facebook you will be prompted to log in, and give permission to Gumroad to post links through Facebook on your behalf. That does not mean that Gumroad takes over your Facebook account or can access any embarrassing late night messages, it just means that when you click the share button on Gumroad, our invisible code pixies move through Facebook's magical forest of servers and deliver from sparkly, sales-promoting baskets your Gumroad links onto your Facebook profile.

You can now choose which one of your accounts you would like to be linked to your Product and Profile pages.

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What this does

Choosing a Facebook page other than your personal profile will direct your customers to that page from your Gumroad profile or products. On a product page, your customers can click your name to see a link to the Facebook page you've chosen.

On your Profile page, where all of your products live, they will see a link to your Facebook page or profile at the top right corner of your bio.

To alter the color or size of this logo, you will have to use Custom CSS snippets. Learn more about those here.

What this doesn't do

Linking to a specific page on Facebook - i.e. your company page or business page - does not mean that you can share directly to that page from Gumroad.

When you are on the Timeline tab of your product and click the Share on Facebook button, this will link directly to your personal profile. All you have to do to share your product to your company page is copy the URL of your product and share it.

How to copy the URL of your product

To obtain the URL of your product, you can either:

  1. Click Preview to open your product in a new tab
  2. Copy the URL in the address bar of this new tab

Or you can simply right-click the Preview this product link and copy the URL directly.

Now paste that link on the wall of your Facebook page. Wowza! Look at all them likes pilin' in!

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