Less email? Yes please. Messaging makes your life easier by putting customer requests right in the context of their purchase, so you can respond faster and with more relevant answers.

How do I turn this on?

You can turn on Messaging from your settings:

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How does it look to the purchaser?

Within all of your email receipts, there'll be a button to message you:

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Clicking the button will take them to a form that looks like so:

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That's it! They can send you a message, just like that, and then go on about their lives.

How does it look to me?

The next time you visit your Dashboard, you'll see a prompt if you have any messages that are awaiting a response.

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When you take a look at your customers, ones that have unread messages will float to the top:

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Click on one to expand the drawer you're used to seeing, and you'll see their message and the ability to respond:

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Respond, and they'll receive an email. That's it!

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