Why doesn't Gumroad allow Adult Content?

Quick answer:

It's not because we hate the human body or sexuality in all its wondrous and imaginative forms. It's because we hate charging higher fees to our creators.

More involved answer:

In order to exist (not epistemologically speaking of course), Gumroad needs banking partners to assume risk on our behalf when we process credit cards. By "risk" we mean someone who will process our payments and help us handle chargebacks and issues that may arise with credit cards and banks that we interact with on behalf of sellers.

The problem with pornography and graphic adult content is that, in the world of credit processing, it is associated with high levels of risk. Fraudulent purchases, chargebacks, "mistaken" purchases that appear on credit card statements that lead to sudden, rushed payment cancellations before the missus can see - everything that turns a banker's blood cold.

If we did allow adult content on Gumroad, we would therefore have to mitigate this risk by charging a higher service fee, overall, on all of our creators. Despite the fact that adult content could make us a lot of money, we don't think the burden on our less carnal creators is worth it. And no, we are not planning to set up an "After Hours" Gumroad where creators can pay higher fees in order to sell on our platform.

If you are unclear whether your products are allowed on Gumroad, please contact us and we can let you know!

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