Create a New Product From Existing Files

Duplicating a product? Creating tiers of the same product? Making a bundled product? Moving files from one product to another? With the Gumroad upload feature, you're able to do this with just a few clicks, and no dent to your precious bandwidth.

In With the Old, In With the New - Creating a New Product

From your Gumroad Dashboard, click Add a product. Give your file a name and price, and hit Add files. If you click From existing you will see a long list of all files you've previously uploaded to your existing Gumroad products. You can search for your product files by typing over Find your files.

If you have deleted some of your products in the past, this feature serves as a glimpse into Gumroad Heaven, where all your old files still exist, romping around in the Elysian Fields of our servers. So, in other words, you can select files from deleted products.

Simply click the name of your existing files and they will be highlighted by a green checkmark. Click the file again to remove it from your product.

Editing An Existing Product

After you've created and begun editing your product, you can still add files from your hard drive, Dropbox account, or from your other products.


Can I add files from existing products to an update or a workflow? 
Not right now. That is feature we're looking to add in the future.

Are subtitle files included in the library of existing files?
Nope. Not right now.

Can I delete existing files in my library?
Nope. Not right now.

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