Create a New Product From Existing Files

Duplicating a product? Creating new tiers of the same product? Making a bundled product? Moving files from one product to another? With the Gumroad upload feature, you're able to do this with just a few clicks.

How to create a product from existing files

From your Products dashboard, scroll down to Content and click Upload your Files. Click From existing to view a list of all files you've previously uploaded to your existing Gumroad products. You can search for your product files by typing over Find your files.

Even if you have deleted a product, its files will still be here to use. Simply click the name of your existing files and they will be highlighted by a green checkmark. Click the file again to remove it from your product.

Can I add files from existing products to a post or a workflow? 
Not right now. That is feature we're looking to add in the future.

Are subtitle files included in the library of existing files?
Nope. Not right now.

Can I delete existing files in my library?
Not yet!

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