Marking a Physical Product as Shipped

Marking as shipped

At this point, you have set up your physical product, published it, and made sales. As a refresher, here's how you would set up your physical product. And here's how you would set up variants.

When you have sold a physical good, and shipped it, you'll want to mark it as shipped in your Gumroad account. This way, you can keep your shipping fulfillment organized and automatically inform your customers that their purchase is on it's way.

The Customers Tab

Go to your Customers tab to see a list of all recent orders. You can also click the magnifying glass icon (search) to find a specific customer by name or email address. Click on the customer's name whose order you have just shipped. Click Mark as shipped to indicate that you've shipped the customer's order.

If you click your customer's name again, you'll see that the truck icon next to their name has turned black and a checkmark has been added, indicating that you've shipped the order.

Once you've marked an order as shipped, your customers will automatically receive an email letting them know that their package is on it's way.

Tracking numbers

If you ship with USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, or OnTrac, you can enter the tracking number and carrier information for your customer's order before clicking Mark as shipped. Clicking on the order's tracking number will take you to the corresponding carrier's page, where you can track the package's status.

If you've included a tracking number, the email your customers receive letting them know their package has shipped will also include a Track your package button. This button takes the appropriate carrier and tracking number into account; with just a click of a button, your customers can track their order and know when to expect their package.

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