Styling Your Product

Adding a cover

Once you've uploaded your file, add a cover (or multiple covers) in the Edit tab. The cover is the first thing that people will see when they view your product. It's a great way to add visual personality to your product. Covers can be images, audio, or video. You can also link to a YouTube, SoundCloud or Vimeo URL, and we'll embed the corresponding player. You can upload as many covers as you like, or just stick with one. Customers will be able to navigate between them with arrow icons on the side of the cover. 

Products with covers convert at more than 2 times the rate of products without them and video covers convert at 2 times the rate of images. Learn more about cover images here.

Pull your brand from Twitter

An easy way to customize your product and profile page is to pull your existing brand from your Twitter profile. This will include the background image, and background and highlight colors from your twitter profile as well as your avatar and bio.

First, connect your Twitter account on your Profile page and then click Style. Then click 'Pull styles from Twitter'

Note: You can always adjust your colors and update or remove the background image at any time. These changes will only affect your Gumroad products, and not your Twitter profile.

Custom colors

You can change your highlight and background colors from any of your product pages. Custom colors are applied to all of your products and your profile page. You can select a color from our menu, or use hex color codes. You can also upload a background image or video backgrounds. 

Picker Effect
Highlight color "I want this!" button
Background color Background of page

Customizing your background

Add a background image or video to further personalize your product page. Do all of this using the menu on your products preview page, where you can see just what your customers see when they buy from you.

Recommended dimensions for backgrounds are 1200x800 pixels at 72dpi.

Note: Background images won't appear when using the Gumroad Overlay.

Customizing CSS

If you need more control over the design of your product page, you can include your own custom CSS. To add custom CSS to your Gumroad account that will be included on your profile, product, and download pages, visit the "Advanced" tab in your Settings. For a list of the most common CSS snippets, visit Common CSS Snippets for Creators.

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