Styling Your Product

Adding a cover

Once you've added a product and uploaded all necessary files, you can add a cover (or multiple covers) in the Product tab. 

The cover is the first thing that people will see when they view your product. Covers can be images, audio, or video. You can also link to a YouTube, SoundCloud or Vimeo URL, and we'll embed the corresponding player. You can upload as many covers as you like, or just stick with one. Customers will be able to navigate between multiple covers using arrow icons.

Products with covers convert at more than 2 times the rate of products without them, and video covers convert at 2 times the rate of images. 

Set a thumbnail for your product

You can have a distinct image to be your product's thumbnail. These will show up on customer libraries (web and mobile), Gumroad Discover, and–most importantly–your profile page! This way you can have a separate cover image that sells your product effectively and have a thumbnail that represents it well in a browsing context. Yay!

Custom CSS

If you need more control over the design of your product page, you can include your own custom CSS. To add custom CSS to your Gumroad account that will be included on your profile, product, and download pages, visit your profile and click the STYLE button at the top of the navigation bar.

In case you need help with CSS, please check out Gumlane - A free platform to help anyone create a branded Gumroad theme, by Noah Buscher.

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