Edit a Customer's Email Address

If your customer mistyped their email address when purchasing your product, or needs to change their mailing information, you can fix this for them in the Audience dashboard. Just search for their name, click on it to open the Customer drawer, and then click their email. Click the check mark to save.

Re-send their receipt and any Posts they've missed by clicking Emails in the customer drawer.

If you are unable to edit the email address

Sometimes the email address of a customer will be written in grey font, not blue. That means they created a Gumroad account during their purchase. For security reasons, we do not currently allow creators to edit other account holders' email addresses.

If a customer mistyped their email address and created an account during their purchase, please email us at support@gumroad.com and let us know what the customer's incorrect email address is, as well as their correct email address. We will quickly correct this for the both of you.

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