The Embeddable Follow Form

Anywhere your name and bio appears on Gumroad, you’ll find your follow form. We want it to be as simple as possible for your audience (and could-be audience) to stay up to date on you and your creative pursuits.

And now, with just a quick copy/paste of a snippet of code, you can embed your follow form on your blog or website, allowing you to collect email addresses in a near-frictionless universe.

Your follow form can be found on both your profile page and audience landing page.

To get to your profile, simply click the profile link in your Gumroad dashboard's navigation bar. You can also, at any time, go to

To reach your audience follow page, go to your Gumroad audience dashboard and click the Follow page link. 

You can also reach your follow page any time you are editing your profile page. Just click the diagonal arrow on the left side of your bio to see the link to your follow page. 

Find the form

At the top of either of these pages From your profile page or your follow page, click Follow form and the green Copy to clipboard to copy the code snipped that will allow you to embed this form on your site. 

Now, when you click Ctrl + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac) you will paste this code. 

On your website, you need to be able to edit the raw HTML of your page to embed signup form. Please check your sitebuilder's help documentation to assist you with finding this.

More resources for building your audience

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  2. See how others are doing it at Creative Mornings
  3. Gumroad’s 30-Day Audience-Building Challenge
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