Adding Subtitles to Your Films

You can directly upload subtitle files to your video products. When you upload your video file, a grey CC button will appear next to your file name. Click the button to upload a subtitle file.

You can also add subtitles at any time after publishing your product by clicking on your product in the Products dashboard, scrolling down to Files, and clicking the button.

We accept .SRT, .SUB, .SBV and .VTT (often called .WebVTT) formats. Add as many as you want. Miracle Tutorials offers a great lesson in creating subtitle files here

However, we recommend you use a .VTT format as that is most compatible with JW player, our video hosting platform. From JW Player 7.4 onward, you need to use the .VTT format, as SRT gives inconsistent results in full screen.

NOTE: If you send out a video file in a Post or Workflow email, you will also see the option to add subtitle files. 

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