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What information do your customers see?

We only show customers your:

  • Email address (or your support email, if applicable). You can change your email information in your Settings.
  • The name you have entered into your profile page.

Your customers will never see your banking information, payout information, or address.

The image displays a Gumroad settings page with a sleek, monochromatic color scheme predominantly in shades of black, white, and purple.  On the left side is the main navigation menu in black with the Gumroad logo at the top, followed by a vertical list of white icons and text for different pages: Home, Products, Checkout, Posts, Audience, Analytics, Payouts, Discover, and Library.  The right side of the image shows the 'Settings' section with a tabbed interface across the top for different settings categories: Settings, Profile, Team, Payments, Applications, Password, Third-party analytics, and Advanced. The 'Settings' tab is highlighted, indicating it's the current view.  Below the tabs, two main content areas are visible:


If you Add PayPal to checkout, customers will be able to see your name and email in their PayPal transaction details. This is because the payment goes directly to your PayPal account, and Gumroad merely acts as the marketplace. 

For greater privacy, you can create a ‘Business’ PayPal account that would only disclose the company name and email. Otherwise, we suggest disconnecting PayPal Connect from your account.


If you ​​Connect your Stripe account to Gumroad, customers will still only be able to see the email that is connected to your Gumroad account. You will also be able to customize the charge description that customers see on their bank statements. It is important to use a recognizable name that will not lead to unintended disputes. More on that here.


Unfortunately, a few creators based in countries with direct bank deposits enabled have found that, on rare occasions, the name and/or phone number entered into their payment settings have been displayed on customers' credit card statements. This is not something we have control over as the information is being directed through Stripe to the customers' card providers, who decide what information to share. 

To remain anonymous, we suggest either: 

  1. Creating an LLC and selling as a business account, or
  2. Creating a phone number specifically for your business and/or Gumroad using Google Voice or a similar VoIP provider
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