Sales tax on Gumroad

Disclaimer: This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns about tax reporting.

In the USA

Gumroad is required to collect and remit taxes on sales that originate from Gumroad Discover for certain states in the US.

We also help you calculate sales tax on physical goods in states where you have nexus.

Read this article for a deeper understanding of how we handle US sales taxes.

In the EU or the UK

If your product is sold to a customer in the EU or the UK, Gumroad collects and remits VAT on digital product sales.

Learn more about how we handle VAT here.

In Australia

Gumroad collects and remits GST on sales to customers in Australia. Physical products and Custom Delivery products are exempt from AU GST.

In India

Creators from India can charge GST to Indian customers by setting a custom tax rate in their Settings. The tax amount is paid out to the creator who is then responsible to remit it to the tax authorities.

Anywhere else

We don’t calculate or remit sales tax for other countries or regions at this time, sorry.

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