Adding tags to products

To add a tag to your product, go to the Share tab on your product's edit page and scroll down to the Gumroad Discover section: 

Detailed tags on your products can both boost sales on Discover and help your customers filter your profile.

Increase Sales on Discover with tags

Adding a category and tags to your products will help Gumroad show your products to potential customers via Discover. Here’s how tags are displayed within each category on Discover:

Think about how your customers would search for your product and add tags to help them find it. The more descriptive and specific your tags are, the better chance you’ll have to attract new customers. 

Filter your profile page by tag

If you have nine or more products, their tags will appear on your Gumroad profile. This allows your customers to filter and find the type of product they’re looking for. 

  1. Add tags to all of your products. 
  2. Enable product filters from your profile at [username]
  3. Send customers to your profile page URL with the tag added to the URL. To do that, simply take: [Your profile URL] + ?sort=page_layout&tags=[tag]

For example, if we wanted to link customers solely to the "Tutorial" products by the Gumroad creator Matkat Music, then the URL would look like this:

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