Your Gumroad Profile Page

Edit your name and bio

Simply type over the wording on your profile to edit the text. Click Save changes to keep going.

Customize your profile's appearance

  • Link your Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Upload profile photo or pull it directly from Twitter or Facebook
  • Edit your bio
  • Edit your name
  • Edit your background color, image, or video
  • Change the color of your "Follow" and "Buy" buttons
  • Change the wording of your "Follow" button.
  • Display or hide specific products from your audience
  • Click preview to see what your page will look like to customers, and get a sense of the buying experience. 

You can also click the diagonal arrow in the field containing your bio to quickly access and begin editing your Follow Page, which you can use to start building an Audience on Gumroad. More on building an Audience here.

The embeddable signup form

If you want to get people to follow you without sending them to your website, you can embed the Gumroad signup form onto your website!

From your profile page or your follow page, click Follow form and the green Copy to clipboard to copy the HTML code necessary to embed this on your site.

On your website, you need to be able to edit the raw HTML of your page to drop the signup form. Please check your sitebuilder's help documentation to assist you with this. When you paste the HTML code, you'll be able to edit the attributes (such as color, wording, font types, and size) to better fit into your site's theme.

Navigate to your individual products

Spot a typo in one of your product's descriptions or want to go directly to that product's page? Just click the cool little arrow in the top left corner of the cover image. 

Your customers will also be able to do this when they land on your profile page. 

The Buying Experience

Your profile page is a customizable, comprehensive portfolio of your work, where checkouts are just as easy as on a single product page. You can rearrange, resize, and hide your products. At the moment, you cannot organize your products into folders.

When they land on this page, your customers merely have to click the icon of your product to read its description. If they like what they see, they can enter an offer code (if you've created one), and start creating a checkout  bundle. To bring up the Gumroad payment form, they have to click Pay, and then enter their credit card information.

If they already have a Gumroad account, they will not have to enter their payment details, and will be able to immediately enjoy your products.

Curating Your Profile

To begin editing your profile page, you must first go to your Settings page. Once there, scroll down to the box marked Username and, if you haven't already, enter a username for yourself. For example, if you are the Number One Cool Guy around, why not make it official?

When you click Update at the bottom of the page, you will be presented with a link to your profile. Click that link to begin editing.

From now on, you can access that link anytime by clicking your name on the navigation menu, then My Profile.

Sizing & Styling

Hover over the cover images of your products, then click and drag them to rearrange the page.

On the lower right hand corner of each image, click and drag to resize your products. Remember, if you see a menu on the left side of the page, you are logged into your Gumroad account. This is not the page that your customers will see.

The Best Shapes For Cover Images (in pixels):

As a rule of thumb, if you are going to upload an image as a cover image, it should be at least 72 DPI (dots per inch). We recommend uploading images that are at least 670 pixels wide and 335 pixels tall. The ideal sizes to use on Gumroad are, in pixels:

Wide rectangle: 670 x 335
Tall rectangle: 670 x 500

The menu on the side of your screen will allow you to change the colors of your background and the buy buttons on this page. To hide any of your products, simply uncheck the box to the right of their names. If you upload a background image, the best size is 1200 x 800 pixels at 72 DPI. Remember to click Update when you are satisfied with your styling choices.

You can also upload a video file as your background. We recommend that you use only MP4 filetypes that are sized at 1200 x 800 pixels. 

The biography and profile photo of your profile page can be edited directly on your profile page. You can take yourself there at any time by clicking your circular profile photo on the top right of the navigation menu, then hitting My profile.

Further Styling

To exercise greater control over the look of your profile page, feel free to use Custom CSS. With Custom CSS snippets, you can change the color, size, or existence of your profile page's text, you can manually resize your products, or alter the layout of the page.

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