Your Gumroad Profile Page

Your Gumroad creator profile

Your creator profile is your Gumroad home base. You can use it to introduce yourself to people (through a profile image, bio, and further customization), build your audience by collecting email addresses, and showcase your work as you start adding products.  

Your creator profile is located at,where username is replaced with your unique username (which you can change in your settings). You can also get to it by visiting or by clicking the profile button in the Gumroad navigation. 

Once you add products for sale, they will be displayed on your profile too.

Editing your profile header

Upload a profile picture by selecting the Profile picture button in the top bar. If you have connected your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to your Gumroad profile, you will see an option to pull your profile picture directly from those accounts. 

To change your name and bio, simply click the text on your profile to edit it and start typing. Be sure to click Save Changes in the upper right hand corner of the screen when you’re done. 

To edit your background, click on the Style button in the top bar. Here, you’ll be able to select a theme, choose a color scheme (or pull styling from your connected Facebook or Twitter accounts), set a background image or video, and, if you’re a premium user, add custom CSS.

To change the call to action underneath your bio, click the Follow form button in the top bar. Here, you can also copy the code to embed your follow form on your website

Click the Preview toggle to see what your page will look like to customers..

Connecting Facebook and Twitter 

Under the Connections button in the top bar, you’ll be able to connect your Gumroad profile to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This will create links to your Twitter and Facebook pages on your Gumroad profile so that Gumroad users can easily find you on other platforms. You can also automatically pull a profile photo and theme colors from your social media accounts to use on your Gumroad profile.

Editing your products

You can change the default sort order of your products by clicking on the Products button in the top bar. You can also choose which products you’d like to be visible on your page here. To hide a product, simply uncheck the circle next to the product.  

Further styling

To exercise greater control over the look of your profile page, you can use custom CSS. With custom CSS snippets, you can change the color, size, or existence of your profile page's text, manually resize your products, or alter the layout of the page.

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