Setting up Versions on a Digital Product

Versions are different options that you can create for a digital product. The equivalent of these are Tiers for Memberships, and Variants for Physical products

Versions can help you:

  • Sell multiple formats of the same product (for example, an ebook in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF formats, or a video in 1080p, 720p, and 360p resolutions),
  • Structure a digital product with multiple tiers, each tier offering a different combination of files,
  • Sell software with different license levels,
  • Offer an additional service on top of your digital product.

How to set up different versions of your product

To get started, go to your Products dashboard and select the product you’d like to add different versions to. 

Upload ALL the files associated with ALL versions of the product. Click Save changes. If you wish to use our Custom Delivery feature for each version which redirects the customers to an external URL post-purchase, click on the "Redirect to a URL after purchase" button in the Content section. 

After you've uploaded your files, scroll down to Versions and type your version name. The version name will be the name of the category that customers are choosing from. For example, if you upload several different file types, the version name should be “File type." Underneath, add your options. In this example, we're adding an additional pack of brushes so we're simply labeling our version as "Brush Sets." 

You can add a description to your options to show what each option contains. Click the checkmark when you're done.

Simply click  Add Options to continue adding options. In this example we're offering a bonus add-on with additional Procreate brushes for an extra $2. You can add an additional price to each option by typing the value in the Additional Amount field. If there is only a limited quantity of a particular option, or you wish to limit sales of a certain option, enter the amount in the Quantity field. In this example, we have an unlimited quantity.

Next, click Select Files to choose the files you want associated with each option. For our bonus brush add-on we're including an extra file that the basic option doesn't include. 

You can send customers to a specific Version by selecting  Share next to the title of the Version.

If you are using custom delivery, you can provide a valid URL for each version and the customer will be redirected to the URL corresponding to the version they purchased. 

Sharing Versions

You can click on the corner of the preview box to view how your Product will appear and double check to make sure everything looks correct. Yep... looks great!

Reorder Versions

If you want to change the order of how your Versions appear, hover over the left side of the Version and click and drag to the desired order. 

Reassign a Customer to a Different Version

Sometimes customers make a mistake and choose the wrong version or they want to change their order. Not to worry! We've added a feature so you can reassign customers to the correct version. 

Select Customers in the top of your navigation bar. Click on the customer whose tier you're looking to change.  

Scroll down to the version, select the pencil icon, and select the correct version. 

This does not charge or refund the customer, it simply changes their version. They will now have access to the files of that version. 

What happens if you delete an active version?

Sometimes you don't want a version to be associated with a product anymore and just wish to delete it. But how does that affect those who have already bought the soon-to-be-gone version?

From the point of view of such customer's — nothing changes virtually. They'll continue to have access to the files that were associated with the version at the time it was deleted unless you delete those individual files as well! If the files are deleted too, the customers unfortunately will not see any files attached to their purchase. 

Thus, if you plan to delete the files along with the version as well, we recommend that you reassign the customer to another version that will remain live (a how-to on that is right above this section). 

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