Setting up versions on a digital product

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You can sell different versions of a product on Gumroad. For example, versions can help you sell software with different features, or offer an additional service along with the main product.

Add a version

Go to your product’s “Product” tab, scroll down to the “Versions” section, and click “Add version”.

Give your version a name, description, an additional amount over the base product price, and a quantity if you wish to limit the sales of the version.

You can add multiple versions by clicking the “Add version” button.

Add a free version

If your base product price is $0, adding a paid version won’t automatically create a free version. To sell both a free and paid version/s of your product, add another version and enter the "Additional amount" as $0.

Adding different content to your versions

Switch to the “Content” tab, select the version you’d like to add content for and start typing! You can add files inline, videos (for download or streaming only), stamped PDFs, and more—right from the editor!

Share a version

You can send customers to a specific version by clicking the "Share" button next to the name of the version.

Reorder versions

If you want to change the order of how your versions appear, click and drag the version from its left end and place them in the desired order.

Delete a version

Click the trash icon next to the version’s name to delete it.

When you delete a version, any existing customers associated with that version will continue to have access to the files unless you delete those individual files as well. Thus, if you plan to delete the files along with the version, we recommend that you reassign the customer to another version that will remain active.

Reassign a customer to a different version

Go to your Sales Dashboard and select the purchase for which you’d like to change the version. Scroll down to the version, click Edit, and select the new version. 

This does not charge or refund the customer, it simply grants them access to the files for the new version.

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