Creating tiered products

Variants and Tiers

Adding a variant or tier to your product forces customers to choose a different version of the product before they can successfully make a purchase. Variants and tiers on Gumroad can be implemented for a variety of use cases.

For example, you might add variants to your product if you were:

  • selling a physical product, like a piece of clothing, that comes in different sizes or styles.
  • structuring a digital product with multiple tiers, each tier offering a different combination of files.
  • selling multiple formats of the same product, for example, an ebook in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF formats, or a video in 1080p, 720p, and 360p resolutions.
  • selling software with different license levels.
  • offering an additional service on top of your digital product.

Using variants to deliver digital files

Many creators set up multiple versions of products to offer options to their audience. This is most often done to create three tiers at different prices. Let’s use the Andy Weir book The Martian as an example:

  • PDF version
  • EPUB version
  • MOBI version

This example would look like this on the creator side:

And would look like this for customers:

If someone purchased the “PDF” option, they’d only have access to the PDF. If someone bought just the EPUB version they’d only ever have access to book file added to that product version.

How do you set this up?

To get started, go to your product dashboard and click Add a product.

Then create a new product and upload all of the files that will be associated with your tiers or variants.

Then, in the Edit tab, click Create a new version of this product. You’ll see a list of all of your files. Name the version and select which files to include. Create higher-valued tiers, or single out different file formats.

Your next stop is the Options page. The product versions you just created will show up here. If you’re creating a product with multiple tiers, you can change the cost of higher tiers by adding an increased value (under Additional). If you are offering multiple versions of your product at the same price, you won’t need to take this step.

Save your changes and publish. One product, one URL. Buyer-friendly options.

Things to keep in mind with digital variants

  • You will be able to delete groupings, but the customers who’ve already purchased a grouping will now be able to access all the product files. If you’d like to make a grouping unavailable to future customers, you can limit the quantity to 0. This way, new customers will no longer be able to select this grouping.
  • You can not re-order groupings (or other variant options for that matter)
  • This only works for digital products. Not for physical products.
  • If you add new files to the product, you’ll need to save your changes before being able to add these new files to a grouping
  • You can send Updates / Workflows to customers of a particular grouping

Variants for physical products

Variants provide sellers of physical goods the ability to create multiple versions of a product without having to actually make new products. If you are selling a T-shirt design that comes in different colors and sizes, use variants to allow your customers to choose their exact desired T-shirt.

Please read our guide to physical products for the full run-down on using variants for physical goods.

When setting up variants, please keep in mind that unless you include a "none of the above" option your customers have to choose a variant. This situation applies only to certain products, but it is something to be aware of.

Using variants to sell coaching/services

Many Gumroad creators use variants on digital goods to sell additional services with their products.

Let's pretend that you are a coach, or trainer, or instructor, and you are selling an ebook on Gumroad. You want to offer your customers the option of a personal two hour coaching session on top of the ebook purchase. In order to do this, you would:

1. Create the product as a standard ebook
2. Go to the Options tab of the product while editing
3. Click the + next to Variants
4. Type "2 Hour Coaching Session" over Category Name
5. Add two options — Yes and No
6. For the "No" option, leave the price as "0," because you are not adding to the price of the product. Add the corresponding price for the "Yes" option.
7. Click Save changes

Your Variants tab will now look like this:

Customers will now have to choose a variant before they buy the product. If they do not choose a variant, they will not be able to proceed to the payment form.

There is no way to "pre-fill" a variant for your customers if you are directing them to the payment form through a hyperlink

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