Creating discount codes

After you've created a product and added content, you can create discount codes to reduce pricing for specific sets of customers. 

Making discount codes is easy - just go to the Checkout tab of your product

Click Add a discount code to get started. You'll quickly notice that we auto-generate a discount code name for you. You can simply erase and type over this text to create a custom discount name. Note: the name can contain numbers and letters. 

Enter the discount code and the amount or percentage off of your total price. As you can see, Gumroad shows you how much the product will cost after the discount is used upon hovering over the input field.

A percentage discount must be a whole number. 

If you want to limit the number of times this code can be used, set a Quantity. By default, the code can be used an unlimited number of times.

Allow customers to enter discount codes

Click the toggle Add discount code field to purchase form to include a discount code box on the checkout page for customers to enter their codes. If you don't click this, discount codes can only be applied if passed as a URL parameter

If you're happy with your discount code, click Save Changes.

Share your discount code with customers

Click Share, and paste (by using ctrl+v or command+v) the URL wherever you like.

To bypass this, just know that the URL is your Gumroad product's URL with "/{yourdiscountcode}" attached. When you do this, the original price will show up, crossed out, with the discounted price showing: 

Global Discount Codes

Want to create a discount code that applies to all your products? Simply create a discount code, click All to the right of the code, and save changes. 

Parity Deals

Parity Deals is a service that allows Gumroad creators to easily set up dynamic pricing and discounts for their products based on the customer's location, holiday periods, or time since the start of the sale! For more info, go through our documentation on Parity Deals here.


Q: Can I use discount codes to apply a temporary discount to a subscription?

No. At the moment, any discount applied to a subscription is permanent for that customer. For example, if you sent someone a 50% off code on a subscription, they would only pay 50% of the price on every payment installment. 

Q: How do I embed a discount code in my product's URL? 

Attach it to the end of the URL! For example:{YourProductID} becomes{YourProductID}/{YourDiscountCode}

Q: Can I embed a discount code in my custom domain?

Yes! Similar to how it's done on the Gumroad domain, you'll have to add the coupon code at the end of the custom URL: https:// {YourCustomDomain}/{YourProductID}/{YourDiscountCode}

Q: Can discount codes be used on top of one another? 

Only one code can be used per product.

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