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Set up weekly payouts


1) Add your payout details. Enter your bank account/debit card information or your Paypal.

2) Once you hit US$10 and have 3-4 unique customers, we review your sales. 

3) After review, your payouts begin. 

Depending on your country, you will be paid to your bank account/debit card or to your PayPal account.

A. Weekly direct bank payouts:

If you live in one of the following countries, you will receive direct bank payouts. Otherwise, please skip to ‘B.’

Australia (2 business days)
Austria (3 business days)
Belgium (3 business days)
Bulgaria (3 business days)
Canada (3 business days)
Croatia (3 business days)
Cyprus (3 business days)
Czech Republic (3 business days)
Denmark (3 business days)
Estonia (3 business days)
Finland (3 business days)
France (3 business days)
Germany (3 business days)
Greece (3 business days)
Hong Kong (7 calendar days)
Hungary (3 business days)
Ireland (3 business days)
Israel (2 business days)
Italy (3 business days)
Latvia (3 business days)
Lithuania (3 business days)
Luxembourg (3 business days)
Malta (3 business days)
Mexico (3-7 calendar days)
Netherlands (3 business days)
New Zealand (4 business days) Peru
Philippines (5 business days)
Poland (3 business days)
Portugal (3 business days) Romania (3 business days)
Singapore (7 calendar days) Slovakia (3 business days)
Slovenia (3 business days)
South Korea (7 calendar days)
Spain (3 business days)
Sweden (3 business days)
Switzerland (3 business days) Thailand (7 calendar days)
Trinidad & Tobago United Arab Emirates** (5 business days)
United Kingdom (3 business days) United States of America (2 business days)

**Business accounts only

For direct bank payouts, you will need: 

  • A physical address (No PO boxes)
  • Proof of address – a recent utility bill, mailed bank statement, etc. 
  • A valid government-issued photo ID from the country where you live
  • A company registration document (if applicable)
  • If you live in the US or Canada, an SSN, SIN, or SSI
  • A valid phone number including the country code (e.g., +44 or +61, etc.)  
  • A bank account based in the country where you live

Online Bank Accounts

You can also use an online bank account, but it must be able to accept your local currency. For example, if you live in France, you can only use an online bank account that takes Euros.  

B. Weekly PayPal payouts

If your country is not listed above, your only weekly payout option is Paypal. You can use both an individual or business PayPal account.

You will need to:

1. Verify your PayPal account.

2. Enter your PayPal email into the Payouts settings.

Payout currency

Bank account/debit card payouts are paid in local currency using Stripe’s exchange rates which apply a mid-market average between the buy/sell prices, then add Stripe’s additional fee. 

Gumroad does not charge for transferring your money, nor do we profit on currency conversions.

Unfortunately, we cannot send USD to bank accounts outside the US.

PayPal payouts are all in USD.

The account review process

Before your first payout, Gumroad has to review your account.

For our review, we require your account is legitimate in two major ways:

  1. You comply with Gumroad’s terms and our payment processor’s TOS.
  2. Your account is not a financial liability - i.e. not racking up chargebacks and suspicious purchases. Please note: NSFW account reviews can take longer because they have a higher risk profile. 

The review process can take 1-3 weeks depending on your sales and the data we can analyze. Typically, this means 3-4 sales with a balance over US$10; however, every account is unique.

Sorry, you can’t speed up the review process by purchasing your own product. Payment processors view purchasing your own products as fraudulent, and this gets you quickly suspended or permanently banned.

If you just want to test your product, please use the test purchase functionality. 

Once your account is compliant, you will see a payout date appear on your Payouts Dashboard


All payouts require a minimum balance of US$10.

Each payout is for sales made up to the previous Friday UTC. This means money from credit card purchases has to sit in your Gumroad balance for at least 7 days before being paid out. Here’s a graphic to explain:

If you want a more detailed view of all of your sales, you can see the Analytics page or the Audience tab.

As payment processing times vary from country to country, please be patient if you don’t immediately see your payout Friday morning.

Payout delays

There are two primary reasons for delayed payment:

1. Your account is still under review.

2. Your account doesn’t have the required US$10 for payout.

You can read more about this here: Payout Delays.

The Payouts Dashboard

Here’s what you’ll see in your Payouts Dashboard:

Further below, you can view payout details:

Every time you get paid, you can also download a detailed CSV. Just click the ‘Export’ icon on the right of the payout period.

For a more thorough breakdown, please refer to our article, The Payouts dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

1. My country already has direct bank payouts. Can I choose weekly PayPal payouts instead?

-No, sorry. You have to use direct bank payouts.

2. Can I split payments between myself and others on Gumroad?

-You can’t. Currently, we only pay out the name on the account. 

3. What currency is my Gumroad balance in?

-Your Gumroad balance is in USD.

4. Can I be paid with Payoneer?

-Sorry, we don’t offer Payoneer.

5. Why do I receive some payments instantly while others do not?

-If you’ve set up PayPal Connect, buyers can use their PayPal account to pay you instantly. These payments come from the buyer’s PayPal email, not Gumroad. All other credit card purchases are held in your balance for 7 days, as discussed above.

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