PDF Stamping

When you upload a PDF file you will see the following Stamp PDFs with buyer information toggle in the Content tab of your product.

Click that box, then Save changes, and the first page of your PDF will be stamped with the customer's email and the Gumroad coat of arms.

Download a free PDF with PDF stamping here!

When you apply a PDF stamp to your ebook, your customer will not have automatic access to it, because Gumroad has to process the PDF file and apply the individualized stamp. This can take from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the PDF file. When the PDF stamp is ready, your customer will receive a download link in their email receipt. We suggest that you mention this delay in your product description to avoid confusion. The "Download All" option is not available when PDFs are stamped. 


Q: Can I add password protection AND a PDF stamp to my PDF? 
A: Nope! Sorry. You will have to remove any kind of security feature from your PDF before uploading it to Gumroad if you wish to stamp your PDFs. 

Q: What does PDF stamping do? Is it a kind of DRM? 
A: It serves as a disincentive for customers who might abuse their ownership of your PDF. This is not the same thing as DRM protection. Gumroad does not have DRM solutions for authors wishing to license their products to customers.

Q: Does every page of the PDF get stamped? 
A: No, just the first page.

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