Using Workflows to send automated updates

With the workflows feature, you can create automatically scheduled updates that your customers will receive at designated intervals after their purchase.

See what receiving a workflow is like by getting this free, example product.

Example Workflows

  • Teaching an online course where learning materials are delivered every three days, for three months.
  • Creating a digital monthly magazine where customers receive the latest issue immediately after purchase.
  • 24 hours after your customers buy your film, Killer Cosmonauts From Space Sector Zoop, they each receive a message asking if they want to executive produce the sequel.
  • As both an author and musician, you want to automatically send your ebook customers a free track from your latest album after their purchase. You also want to send buyers of your album a free chapter from your latest ebook.

Like eye contact and a firm handshake, workflows can enhance all varieties of selling situations. Here's a nice, quick introduction to a nice, simple post-sale workflow:

If you have any specific issues related to your product and plans for workflows, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Create a Workflow

A workflow can be sent out to the following groups of people: 

  • Customers of a specific product (any workflows will stay in their Gumroad libraries as attached updates)
  • All customers of all products
  • All people who choose to follow you on Gumroad (learn more about following here).
  • All customers and all followers. 

The workflow will begin as soon as someone goes through the payment flow and actually buys a product from you (customers) or follows you (followers). 

Customers of pre-order products will only receive workflows as soon as they have been charged (i.e. when the pre-order is released). If you want a customer of a pre-order to receive emails from you before the product is released, you need to send them these emails via the Updates tab. Learn more about updates here.

In the following example, we're going to build a workflow for a 3 week course called "How to Expertly Gut a Fish." It sounds messy, but don't worry. Nobody will be going home with salmonella today. 

Step 1: Set it up

Visit the Workflows window under your Customers tab. Start off by giving your workflow a name, and choosing the people you'd like the updates to be sent to in the FOR box. The name you choose for the actual workflow is only visible to you while you are logged in. Feel free to name it whatever you'd like.

Step 2: Add Emails to Your Workflow

After making a workflow, click the Edit button on the workflow itself to begin adding update emails. These emails are sent out relative to the time of purchase.

In the below example, my first email will be sent out to all customers 2 days after a time of purchase.

If I wanted my customers to receive something immediately after buying the product, I would set the first email to be sent out 0 hours after purchase.

You can have an email only go to new customer of the workflow by selecting Only send this update to new customers. This means the email will not be queued up for current customers of the workflow, but when you get a new sale and/or follow, that customer will get the new email based on the time after purchase. Once an email is marked as new customers only and published, it cannot be changed. The publishing date of the email is the start date of when new customers will get the email for new customers only. 

In order for updates to be sent by Gumroad, you must include a message and a subject for each update.

Step 3: Add a cover image

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (yes, we’ve said it before too), so why not save yourself some breath? Personalize your Workflow emails by adding a picture of your product, your logo, an illustration, an informational graphic, or another image. 

We recommend using an image that is at least 510 pixels wide. Once uploaded, we'll resize the image to fit the email.

Step 4: Add a button

If you want to send customers to a specific website - you're not limited to just adding hyperlinks into your message. At the bottom of your message window, you'll see this feature:

Just add a call to action message and the URL that you'd like to direct your customers or followers to, and Gumroad will automatically add the button at the bottom of your message. You can test out the button's functionality by clicking Preview.

Step 5: Attach Files (if you want)

Files are not required for a workflow to be sent, but if you want to add them, you can.

In my example workflow, I've added two movie files.

Just as you would with a product on Gumroad, you can attach as many files as you would like to an update. These files are not attached to the update itself, but rather sent as a link that your audience can click. Click Save Changes and Publish to make this go live.

Notes on Specific Files:


If you are uploading video files, you can set them to stream-only, or allow them to be downloaded and streamed. You can also upload subtitle files to the video, if you need to.


We do not offer PDF stamping on PDF files that you send out via updates.

Step 6: Add more emails!

Now that you have added your first email, why not continue the process and add more? Click Save changes and your first email will minimize.

Click the Add email button again, to add a second email. Every time you add an email, you will choose when it will be sent (step 1), relative to the time of purchase.

In the below example, my customers will be sent an email 1 hour after they purchase one of my products, then 1 week later, then 1 week after that (so, 2 weeks after their purchase). 

After you've made sales (or gained followers) and your workflow has been sent out, you'll be able to see the open and click-through rates on each message. 

By clicking the ellipses next to the number of emails your workflow contains, you can see, from the green checkmark, whether or not all of the emails in that workflow are active. If you'd like to pause a workflow email, click Edit on the workflow. Then edit that particular email, and unpublish it

How it Works for Customers

Your customers will receive Workflow updates as email messages with links to any files you've attached. The emails will be addressed from you (or whatever you have entered as your Full Name in your settings menu). These emails are addressed from, but if a customer hits "reply" on the email, their reply will be sent to you.

When you set up a workflow after purchases have been made, the workflow will be sent to older customers as well as new customers. 

Test out the customer experience for yourself by "buying" this free example Workflow.

Here's an example of an update email, as received by a customer (in this case, sweet ol' Henrietta Migglesworth).   

If your customers have Gumroad accounts, all of these updates will be visible in their Gumroad libraries.

Not receiving updates? 

You can verify that a customer is supposed to be receiving updates updates or not by searching for their name or address in your Customers tab. If they have opted out of updates from you, there will not be a checkmark next to the words Receives updates. If they are set to receive updates, there will be a checkmark, for example: 

You can toggle their ability to receive updates by clicking or unclicking this checkmark.

Should your customers still not be receiving Workflow emails, it is possible that:
A) You have not published specific emails within your workflow. Please go to your workflow, open it, and open each mail to verify that they have been published.
B) Their inbox spam filter is blocking emails from Gumroad. You should ask them if there is another email address they can receive emails at. Learn more here.

The Rules of Workflows

  • The ability to target specific customers is a premium feature of Gumroad. You will have to upgrade your account if you wish to do this. 
  • Workflows will apply to existing or imported customers, as well as new customers.
  • The emails you create in a workflow will appear, to your customers, as would any other update - as simple messages with download links to files you've attached. Your customers will not be aware that these messages are automated - there is no counter, or countdown until the next message.
  • If you want customers to have access to these updates in their Gumroad Libraries, you must assign the workflow to a specific product. If you send updates to all of your customers or followers, that update will not appear in their respective Gumroad libraries, because it has not been assigned to a single product.
  • Workflows and their updates can be edited at any time, but you can not edit who their recipients are.
  • If you add a workflow to a Pre-Order product, your customers will only begin receiving updates after their card has been charged, not prior to the pre-order's release date. After your release date has passed, all buyers of that product will receive updates as scheduled.
  • If you send out scheduled updates to a subscription product, anyone who cancels their subscription before the updates are all sent out will only have access to the ones they have received.
  • You can not test a workflow by running a test purchase on your product
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