Find your product's URL

To find the URL of the incredible product you just created, you need to get to the product's Preview page. You can arrive there in two ways:

Via the Dashboard

From your Dashboard, click the diagonal arrows to the right of your product's name. This will open up the Preview page of your product in a new browser tab. The URL of your product is the URL of this page.

Via the Editing Flow

When you are editing your product's information, from the Edit, Options, or Timeline tabs, you can click Preview at the top right of the page. This will open up the Preview page of your product, from which you just need to copy the URL from your internet browser's address bar.

Changing Your Product's URL

You can change your product's URL by going to the EDIT tab of the product and altering the URL's suffix, or "Product ID". Type over the automatic ID and click "Save Changes" to create a custom URL.

Sharing Your Product's URL

In the Timeline tab of your product's editing flow, you can share directly to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. You can also simply right-click the Preview this product link to copy the URL of your product to your computer's clipboard.

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