Optimizing sales for conversion

On the preview page of your product, where you customize the payment form and product page, you may have noticed under 2. Payment form the words Optimize for conversion. What in Gosh's aquamarine biosphere does this mean?

Gumroad by default optimizes your payment form to increase sales on all devices. We've found that conversion rates are impacted when customers are forced to enter their full name on mobile devices, but unaffected on desktops (see below).

When a customer lands on your product page from a mobile device and isn't required to enter their full name, we won't force them to enter that field, thus increasing your sales!

By clicking the words Optimize for conversion, you can Alwaysshow the name field, regardless of device, if you are for example:

  • Building a mailing list and need to know your customer's names
  • Offering a free product and want to know who's taking advantage of this smokin' deal
  • Verifying that your high school crush has finally noticed your creative endeavors

Click it again to Never show the name field - for mobile or desktop, for times when you are:

  • Trying to reduce the number of fields your customers have to fill in
  • Offering a free product and don't care who's taking advantage of this smokin' deal
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