How to cancel a pre-order

If your pre-order product isn't completed, or won't be completed by your release date, you have the following options as a creator:

  1. Change the date - your customers won't be charged until the day you actually release the product. Be sure to reach out to your customers first to let them know of the change.
  2. Cancel the pre-orders manually

To cancel the pre-orders manually, go to your Customers tab. In the top menu, Filter your customers by the pre-order product.

Click each customer's name and cancel their pre-order through the menu that slides out from the right side of the page.

If you find yourself in the awkward position of having not released your final product after its release date has passed, and your customers have been charged for nothing, the best thing to do is refund them.

You can also do this through the Customers tab. Learn how here.

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