How to cancel your customers' subscriptions

To cancel an individual customer's subscription, simply head to your trusty Customers tab, search for their name or email, and click Cancel Subscription.

However, you also have the following options as a seller:

  1. Prohibit All New Subscriptions From Starting
  2. It's an all-too-common problem - especially for us here at Gumroad HQ: You're  just too darn popular! You've created a subscription product, and now you've got everyone on Earth and their mothers-in-law wanting to buy it!

    If you're looking to keep all your existing subscribers and not accept any new subscribers, simply Unpublish the product. Any possible new customers will not be able to buy or find the product, and existing customers will continue to be charged.

  3. End The Subscription Entirely
  4. Time to send your product to the big subscription playground in the sky? Go to your homepage, hover over the product's name, and click the X to its left.

    This option will cancel all of your current customers subscriptions. They will no longer be charged, or able to access your product. Your product will no longer be public.

  5. Create a fixed-length subscription. When building your product you can set your subscription to terminate after a set number of months. Learn more about that here.
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