Cancel customer memberships

To cancel an individual customer's membership, simply head to your Sales dashboard, search for their name or email, and click Cancel Subscription.

However, as a creator, you also have the following options:

Preventing new customers from subscribing

If you're looking to keep all your existing subscribers and not accept any new subscribers, simply Unpublish the product. Any new customers will not be able to buy or find the product, while existing customers will continue to be charged and have access to their files.

Deleting a membership product

To cancel a membership for all customers, go to your Products dashboard, hover over the product you'd like to delete. and click the 'Delete' button on the right.

This option will cancel all of your current customers' memberships. They will no longer be charged, or able to access your product. Your product will no longer be public.

Fixed-length memberships

When building your product, you can set your membership to terminate after a set number of months

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