Adding a Product

How to add a product

To add a product, click Products in the navigation bar. This is where a list of all the products you add will be kept. To get started, click Add a product and select either a Classic (this includes both Digital and Physical Products), Pre-Order, or Membership Product.

If you'd prefer to handle delivery of your own products, just upgrade your Gumroad account and under the Product section after clicking "Next: Customize" you will see the option to Redirect to a URL after purchase. This option is our custom delivery product, which allows you to send customers to a URL of your choice after a successful purchase.

Choose a name

Your first step in adding a product will be choosing its name. We recommend being descriptive with what you call your product so that customers can get a sense of what they'd be getting right off the bat. Good names are generally specific and have something to do with you as a creator, or reference something familiar to your followers. It's best to stay away from overly generic or simplistic names for your product.

Here are some examples:

For some more help and inspiration on naming your product, check out this blog article.

You should now set the currency for your product. Click the currency sign to scroll through your options. Just remember that all charges are finalized and processed in USD ($).

Setting a price

Products can be free or as much as $5,000 (USD). If you need to set your prices higher, contact the support team at Gumroad by sending us an email at You can also let customers pay whatever they want for your content using our pay-what-you-want feature. Just add a '+' to a product's minimum price (for example, “$5+"). Buyers will be able to pay that amount, or more! 

To give away a product for free, you can set its price to '$0+'. Your customers won't have to enter credit card information if they choose to purchase the product for free, and you won't be charged our fee. The largest size a product priced as '$0+' can be is 25 MB. 

If you are using upgraded your account, the largest that a '$0+' product can be is 250 MB. This feature is a great way to get valuable data from your customers in exchange for giving them great content. 

Add your files

Scroll down to Content on the Product page to upload your files. You can add as many files to a product as you like. You can upload your files from your computer, files you've already uploaded to Gumroad, or from Dropbox.

Please note! Subscriptions, Pre-Orders, and Physical products are not required to have files when you create them. 

Once you click Next:, you can no longer change the currency of the product, only the price. Make sure you are using a browser supported by Gumroad before uploading.

If you're selling a package or collection of multiple files, you can upload them after you've selected your first file and clicked 'add'. Upload as many files as you want. 

Alternatively, you can add them all together in one zip file so your customers can download the whole package at once. However, know that zip files are not compatible with most mobile devices.

Supported file types

Gumroad supports all file types, but the largest single file you can upload is 16GB.

Remember, you can add as many files as you want to a single product. If you'd like to make sure your file is compatible with a certain device, we've created a handy reference list for you. Please note this list contains files supported out of the box without plugins or extensions.

Describe your product

Adding a description gives your customers more insight into what you're selling and why. The best descriptions provide specific details about the product and why you've decided to dedicate your time to making it. You can also stylize your description and add hyperlinks by highlighting the text. 

Add a cover image

The cover image is the first thing that people will see when they view your product. It's a great way to add visual personality to your product and offer a preview of what's to come. You can create a preview of up to 8 images, video files, or audio tracks. You can also embed a preview from an external website like Youtube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud.

Products with covers convert at more than 2 times the rate of products without them. And video covers convert at 2 times the rate of images!

For instructions on creating perfect previews, check out our guide to cover images.

Versions and tiers

If you want your customers to be able to choose from a few different versions of this product, for example, 

Version A: $5 - "The Simple, Sleek Package" which contains a PDF file 
Version B: $7.50 - "The Premier, Prodigious Package" which contains a PDF file and a video 
Version C: $10 - "The Master, Magnificent Collection" which contains a PDF, 2 videos, worksheets, and an alluring headshot of yourself

then, you can start creating those different versions by clicking Add a version under the Versions section.


Click the Limit product sales toggle to set a maximum quantity of sales. 

Clicking the Generate a unique license key per sale toggle will issue a unique license key to each customer who purchases your product. Selecting this option will also open up another toggle, Allow customers to choose a quantity. 

Test it and publish

To see what your customers' experience is like, run a test purchase. Once you're happy with everything, click Publish and make it live.

You can always make changes to your product and its page at any time by clicking on the product in the Products menu.

More customizations

Gumroad offers you a variety of ways to customize your product. Learn more about customizations and styling your products.

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