Adding a product

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Choose a product type

Click “New product” on the Products dashboard and select a product type.

"Newsletter", "Membership," and "Podcast" type products will create subscription products with recurring charges.

If your product contains one or more physical goods to be shipped, select the “Physical good” product type.

Set a price

Products can be free or as much as USD 5,000. You can also let customers pay whatever they want by adding a '+' to a product's minimum price, like “$5+".

Click the currency sign to select from the display currency options—this cannot be changed once the product is created. Regardless of the display currency, please note that all charges are processed in USD.

Describe your product

Describe your product and style it inline. You can even add images, quotes, code blocks, or embed videos!

We create a unique URL for every product by default. If you'd like a more memorable URL for your customers, you can enter it here:

Read this article if you need help setting up a cover image or thumbnail for your product.

Provide additional product info

You can choose the “Call to action” that you prefer, but it’s currently not possible to set a custom call to action.

You can also add a summary and additional details for the product that will show up below the call to action on the product page.


Connect your product with external services like Circle or Discord to automatically invite customers to them. Learn more about that here.

Add content to your product

Go to your product’s “Content” tab and start typing!

You can add files, stamped PDFs, code blocks, embed videos with custom thumbnails (for download or streaming only), and more—right from the editor!

Your customers will see the product just as you see it on the editor, both on the browser:

And our Library mobile apps as well:

It’s always a good habit to keep saving those changes intermittently.

File uploader

You can toggle off the beta content editor and access the file uploader view to:

  1. Upload files from your computer
  2. Add files from other Gumroad products of yours. Just search for the files from other published products and click the checkbox to add them to the current product.
  3. Import a file from your Dropbox account
  4. Add links to external websites. We will show these links as separate files on the customer’s download page.

Organize with folders

In the file uploader view, you can organize your files into folders by clicking "Add folder" and then drag your files into it. If you accidentally drag the wrong file into the folder, simply drag it to a lower position in the stack.

Custom delivery

If you prefer delivering the files with an external site, click on the "Redirect to a URL after purchase" button in the “Content Delivery” section and provide the URL there. 

You can read more about the custom delivery feature here.


Versions can help you sell different sets of content, software access levels, or optional added services within the same product at different price points. Read this article to know all about setting up versions.

Test and publish

You can customize your product’s checkout flow and see what your customers' experience is like with a test purchase. Once you're happy with everything, click “Publish” at the top and make it live.

You can always make changes to your product by clicking on the product from the Products dashboard.

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