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Choose a new product type

To add a product, go to the Products dashboard and click "New Product" in the top right. 

Here you can select one of the many product types to sell on Gumroad, like starting a podcast, a course, or maybe selling a physical good!

"Membership," "Podcast," and "Newsletter" type products will allow for recurring charges, while the other product types are for one-time sales.

If your product contains one or more physical goods to be delivered, please select the “Physical good” product type.

Give your product a name

One of the first steps in creating your product will be choosing its name. We recommend being descriptive so customers can get a sense of what they're buying. Stay away from overly generic or simplistic names.

Here are some examples:

Good names Bad names
Beginning iOS 9 Programming with Swift My book
Nat & Alex Wolff - Throwbacks (Digital Album) My new song about butts!

Set a price

Products can be free or as much as $5,000 (USD). Contact us if you need to set your prices higher. You can also let customers pay whatever they want for your content using our pay-what-you-want feature. Just add a '+' to a product's minimum price (for example, “$5+"). Buyers will be able to pay that amount or more! 

Here you can also set the currency for your product. Click the currency sign to scroll through your options. This cannot be changed once the product is created. Just remember that all charges are finalized and processed in USD ($).

To give away a product for free, you can set its price to “$0+”. Your customers won't have to enter credit card information if they choose to purchase the product for free, and you won't be charged our fee. 

After hitting “Next: Customize,” you will be taken to the product editor where you can customize the rest of your product (and see a live preview while doing so!)

Describe your product

Adding a description gives your customers more insight into what you're selling and why. The best descriptions provide specific details about the product and why you've decided to dedicate your time to making it.

The top-horizontal bar on the text editor allows you to style your description and more.

You can use this menu to:

  • Make your description bold, italicized, or underlined
  • Create a hyperlink
  • Create headings
  • Change the font
  • Create bullet points
  • Add photos
  • Add videos (via a link from Youtube, Vimeo, or Instagram).

After you’ve finished writing, don't forget to save your changes!

Product URL

We create a URL for every new product by default. If you'd like a more memorable URL for your customers, you can enter it here:

Add a cover image

The cover image is the first thing people will see when they open your product. It's a great way to add visual personality to your product and offer a preview of what's to come. You can create a preview of up to 8 images or video files, and can also embed a preview from an external website like YouTube or Vimeo.

Products with covers convert at more than two times the rate of products without them. And video covers convert at two times the rate of images!

For instructions on creating perfect previews, check out our guide to cover images.

Set a thumbnail

You can have a distinct image to be your product's thumbnail. These will show up in your customers’ library, Gumroad Discover, and your profile page! This way you can have a separate cover that sells your product effectively and a thumbnail that represents it well in a browsing context. Your thumbnail should be square, at least 600x600px, and in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.

Provide additional product info

Every non-membership product gets an “I want this” call to action by default, but you can change it to either “Buy this” or “Pay”. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to provide a custom call to action.

You can also add a summary and additional details for the product that will show up below the call to action on the product page. You will be able to see the changes you are making in the live preview section on the right.


You can even connect your product with external services like Circle and Discord if you wish to automatically invite customers to a community platform. We've provided more details about this feature here.

Changing your product's price

You can alter the price of your product from the “Pricing” section and also toggle on the “ Pay what you want” feature if you wish.

You can only change the product’s amount at this stage, not the currency which was set at the time of product creation.

If you change the price of an active membership product, any customers who subscribed before the price change will continue to pay the original purchase amount. The change will only affect any new customers of the product.

Adding content to your product

Go to your product’s “Content” tab and toggle on “Beta content editor” from the top-right.

Just start typing, add files inline, videos (for download or streaming only), stamped PDFs, and more—right from the editor!

Once you have saved your changes, try making a test purchase to see what the product will look like for your customers.

Please note: This editor does not support creating folders or versions/tier specific content yet.

File uploader

You can toggle off the beta content editor and still access the file uploader view to:

  1. Upload files from your computer
  2. Add files from other Gumroad products of yours. Just search for the files from other published products and click the checkbox to add them to the current product.
  3. Import a file from your Dropbox account
  4. Add links to external websites. We will show these links as separate files on the customer’s download page.

Organize with folders

In the file uploader view, you can organize your files into folders by clicking "Add folder" and then dragging your files into it. If you accidentally drag the wrong file into the folder, simply drag it to a lower position in the stack.

Custom delivery

If you prefer delivering the files with an external site, click on the "Redirect to a URL after purchase" button in the “Content Delivery” section and provide the URL there. 

You can read more about the custom delivery feature here.

No preview is available for custom delivery products as the customer is redirected to the external URL upon purchase and will not see the Gumroad download page.


The beta dynamic editor currently shares the same content across all product variants/tiers. We are working on adding support for variant-specific content in the upcoming releases of the dynamic editor.

For now, use the file uploader editor to offer your customers different versions of the same product, each with a different set of files and price points. For example, versions can help you sell software with different access levels or an additional service on top of the digital product.

To set up versions, go to your product’s “Product” tab, scroll down to the “Versions” section, and click “Add version”.

Give your version a name, description, an additional amount for this specific version over the base price of the product, and a quantity if you wish to limit the sales of the version.

You can add multiple versions by clicking the “Add version” button.

In the example above, we have added two versions to the product. The version “eBook only” has no additional amount over the base price set above, while the version “eBook + Printable poster” will cost an extra $15. 

Don’t forget to save your changes when you’re done!

Adding files to your version

Switch to the “Content” tab and select the files you want to be associated with each version. You can also upload more files to any given version by clicking the “Upload your files” button beneath it.

Sharing versions

You can send customers to a specific version by clicking the Share button next to the name of the version.

Reorder versions

If you want to change the order of how your versions appear, click and drag the version from its left end and place them in the desired order.

Deleting a version

Deleting a version is as simple as clicking the bin icon next to the version’s name and saving your changes.

If there are customers already associated with that version – they'll continue to have access to the files within that version unless you delete those individual files as well! If the files are deleted, the customers will not see any files attached to their purchase, unfortunately.

Thus, if you plan to delete the files along with the version, we recommend that you reassign the customer to another version that will remain active from the Audience dashboard.


  • Click the Limit product sales toggle to set a maximum quantity of sales. 
  • Allow customers to choose a quantity: This will allow your customer(s) to purchase multiple copies of the product if they wish to.
  • Publicly show the number of sales on your product page: Enabling this toggle will show the number of sales (not revenue) to your audience on the product's page. Please note that this sales number will not include any free downloads ($0 sales), fully refunded sales, or disputed sales not won.
  • Clicking the Generate a unique license key per sale toggle will issue a unique license key to each customer who purchases your product.

Test and publish

To see what your customers' experience is like, run a test purchase. Once you're happy with everything, click Publish at the top and make it live.

You can always make changes to your product and its page by clicking on the product from the Products dashboard.

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