Can I Use Gumroad in My Country?

Gumroad enables creators in more than 160 countries to accept payments from their customers. 

To make things exceptionally simple: As long as you can receive money through PayPal, then yes, you can use Gumroad.

Direct deposit payouts

If you live (and have proof that you live) in one of the following countries, you are paid out to your bank account, and in some cases, a debit card

United States of America United Kingdom Australia
Austria Belgium Canada
Cyprus Estonia France
Finland Germany Greece
Ireland Italy Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
The Netherlands New Zealand Poland
Portugal Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Switzerland
Hong Kong Czech Republic

PayPal payouts

If you live outside of the these countries, you must have a PayPal account, and your account must be verified by PayPal to sell goods on Gumroad. There is no way around this, unfortunately. You generally do not need a business account on PayPal to get paid, but you should check about policies with PayPal's support team before getting set up. 

You can enter your payout details on your Payout Settings page. If you are eligible to use PayPal Connect, then you would connect your PayPal account on the Payments Settings page (they are 2 different pages, right next to each other)

If PayPal is not supported in your country, unfortunately we can not work with you. 

We can not use Payoneer, wire deposits, bitcoin, or any other means of money transfer to pay you out. If you live outside of the United States but happen to have a bank account in the United States, we cannot pay you to that bank account. 

To find out if your country supports PayPal payouts, see the PayPal Offerings Worldwide page.

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