Adult content on Gumroad

In accordance with the policies of our payment processing partners, including Stripe and PayPal, we do not allow sales of the sexually explicit content.

What is sexually explicit?

Sexually explicit content is media that is created for the primary purpose of sexual gratification - fetish content, media with characters depicted in sexual situations, or content that is clearly produced for titillation. If your products can be understood as being primarily for sexual purposes, then they are not eligible to be sold on Gumroad.

To be clear, this includes all types of media: photography, videos, animations, illustrations, written media, audiobooks, and audio products. This can include but is not limited to products that feature...

  • 3D models or assets built for explicitly sexual purposes
  • Animated pornographic videos or animated nudity or characters portrayed in sexual situations
  • Fetish-driven content where the purpose of the product is the sexual gratification of the customer
  • Financial domination content
  • Sketches/artwork where the content's focus is sexual gratification
  • Videos with lingerie or nudity where
  • Audio-erotica or role-play audio
  • Adult comics with nudity or sexual acts
  • Cosplay/boudoir/lewd photography that's focused on sexually explicit poses or activity
  • Sexual coaching services or explicit instructional content that is meant for gratification purposes rather than educational
  • VR Chat avatars displayed in compromising or sexual positions, or avatars that advertise NSFW uses or modifications like, for example, "breast expansions" where the purpose of such a modification is understood to be solely for titillation or part of an overall sexually explicit character. For further explanation, see below.

Selling NSFW Work

Some adult content is allowed on Gumroad. For just one example, we are allowed to process sales for cosplay/pinup creators whose content is focused more on cosplay, rather than erotic or nude photography that simply happens to feature some cosplay.

We encourage you to ask if your content is acceptable under our terms of service if you have concerns. If you are allowed to sell your work on Gumroad, you must flag it as NSFW:

  1. Go to your product's edit page
  2. Click on "Share"
  3. Scroll down to the "Discover" section
  4. Switch on the toggle indicating that the product is only meant for adults

This ensures your content is only shown to customers who opt in to see adult content. Tag your products responsibly!

Previous purchases

If you have sold NSFW products in the past on Gumroad, those sales will not be affected by changes to these policies. Your customers' libraries will remain intact.

Is my product NSFW?

To determine whether or not your product is considered NSFW, it might help to ask yourself:

"Is the average customer buying this product because it is presented in a sexually appealing way?"

If the answer is yes, your product is likely NSFW. Of course, everything is subjective, and while we understand that some people might find chairs sexually appealing, that doesn't mean that a 3D model of a Herman Miller is going to be marked as NSFW. The overall context of the product is what decides whether or not it is NSFW.

So for example, if you have a VR Chat Avatar product that features a breast expansion modification, it would not necessarily be considered NSFW. If, however, that character also is depicted scantily clad, or in lingerie, or sexually compromised positions and offers a breast or butt modification, we'd consider it NSFW. Not because of the modification option, but because overall, the product is presented as being primarily built for sexual gratification.

Long story short: If you have questions about your products, please don't hesitate to email us!

Am I getting paid?

If your account or products are flagged for NSFW content, you are still getting paid for your sales. We will stop sales on the products in question (or your account, if all products are NSFW) but unless the content itself is illegal, or the sales are fraudulent, we will absolutely pay out your balance.

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