Adult Content on Gumroad

We do allow some types of adult content on Gumroad.

However, we do not allow pornography. We define pornography as photos or video of one (or more) real human adults engaging in sexual activities. Animations and illustrations do not count as pornography. If your product does not fall under the preceding definition, you can sell on Gumroad. 

Why we don't allow pornography. 

In order to exist, we need to work with banking partners in the US. These partners process our payments and help us handle chargebacks and issues that may arise with credit cards and banks that we interact with on behalf of our creators.

Unfortunately, they associate pornography and graphic adult content with high levels of risk. Theoretically, fraudulent purchases, chargebacks, "mistaken" purchases that appear on credit card statements that lead to sudden, rushed payment cancellations.

All of this said, adult-themed, adult-oriented, and NSFW products objectively experience higher rates of chargebacks than other digital products. They are therefore more risky to sell than other digital products. If you are selling NSFW products on Gumroad and your account has a chargeback rate higher than 1% per volume, or we see signs of fraud on your sales, we are still required by our banking agreements to suspend your account. This has nothing to do with the content of your products - if your account is suspended for these reasons, we are simply following the directives of our banking partners. 

If you are unclear whether your specific products are allowed on Gumroad, please contact us and we can let you know!

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