Change the language of your account

Gumroad is currently available in eleven languages, and hoping to expand to more soon. To change the language of your account, go to your Settings menu.

Scroll down to Language, select your language and click Update account details to save your changes.

If you would like to volunteer to translate Gumroad into another language, or have feedback regarding some of the content, please email us at

What will customers see? 

Gumroad automatically changes to the language of your customers' browser settings. So, if your customer is in France, and their browser defaults to French, they will see the payment form in French. 

This does not mean that your product description, product's name, receipt text, or any updates you send out will be translated to French. The only thing that gets translated is the wording on the payment form.

In other words, anything you type into Gumroad will stay as it is. If you want to create a product in French, you will have to give it a French title, a French description, a French receipt, etc. etc. Or, as the French would say, "etc. etc. (while holding a cigarette)"

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