Exporting a Customer Sales CSV

At any time, you can download a CSV file of your customers and their purchases within a selected date range. This CSV will cover all sales of your products within the date range, or you can choose to download information pertaining to a single product.

You can download a free example CSV here.

Important note: Your Gumroad Analytics and Customers dashboards use your local time zone to display and filter orders. However, you CSV uses UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time). We recommend that you add a one-day buffer to the beginning and end of your date range before exporting, to ensure that you capture all orders.

To do this, first go to your Customers tab.

All products

For information on all sales within a certain date range, simply click the Export icon, select a Date Range, and click Download.

By a single product

Click the Filter icon to select the product you want to download information for.

Now click the Export icon, select a Date Range, and Download.

Sending orders to a fulfillment provider

  1. Export your orders as a CSV
  2. Double check the purchase date/time of your orders, noting that they are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in the CSV
  3. Remove orders with a "1" in the Refunded or Disputed columns. These orders have been refunded or the customer has requested a chargeback and so should not be shipped.
  4. Send orders to your fulfillment provider for shipping!

How to read your CSV

Header: Description:
Purchase ID The randomized ID that Gumroad gives to every purchase
Item Name The name you gave your product
Buyer Name The name entered by your customer during checkout, if required
Purchase email The email address used on the purchase
Buyer Email If the customer was logged into a Gumroad account at checkout, this is that email address
Do not contact If 0 = You may email the buyer updates.
 If 1 = The buyer has opted out of communications. We will automatically remove the buyer from communications sent via your Gumroad customers tab. However, if you import this list to your own email provider, please remove these buyers.
Purchase Date The date of purchase, in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). For example, Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC−05:00). This means that the day ends at 7pm EST.

List of all time zones relative to UTC

*IMPORTANT: Your Customer and Analytics tab use your local time zone. This can sometimes make it seem like there are discrepancies between your dashboard and the CSV. To make sure you are capturing all your orders in the CSV, add a one-day buffer to the beginning and end of your date range.
Purchase Time (UTC timezone) The exact time of purchase, in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Subtotal ($) The amount that your customer was set to pay before sales tax (sales tax does NOT mean VAT)
Taxes ($) If US Sales tax calculation is enabled, the amount that you should set aside for remittance to the US government. For more information see our help article on sales tax.
Shipping ($) If you are charging shipping on physical products, this is where you can see what a customer paid.
Sale Price ($) The final price your buyer paid for your product, including variants.
Gumroad Fee ($) This is how much Gumroad took out from the sale. You can read about fees here.
Net Total ($) Your take-home pay (sale price - Gumroad's fees).
Tax Included in Price? This applies to sales of physical products made within the US where sales tax is included.
Street Address The buyer's street name and number for shipping, if required.
City The buyer's city for shipping, if required.
Zip Code The buyer's zip code/postal code for shipping, if required.
 If shipping fields are not enabled, Gumroad will automatically populate this field using geolocation data from the buyer's IP address.
State Two letter state or provincial code, depending on the country.
Country The buyer's country for shipping, if required.
 If shipping fields are not enabled, Gumroad will automatically populate this field using geolocation data from the buyer's IP address.
Referrer The domain that referred the buyer to your product (i.e. https://www.facebook.com, https://mywebsite.com).
 If the buyer typed the URL directly into their browser's address bar, have the URL bookmarked, are using certain email clients, or have certain security software installed, the referrer will be "direct."
Refunded? If "0" = No refund has been issued for this purchase
 If "1" = A refund has been issued. If your product is a physical good, do not ship the item to your buyer.
Partial Refund ($) If you have issued a partial refund to a customer, that amount will show up here.
Fully Refunded? 1 = A full refund has been issued, a 0 = No refund.
Disputed? If "0" = No chargeback has been issued.
 If "1" = The buyer has contacted their bank and requested a chargeback for their purchase. Gumroad covers all chargeback fees for you. If your product is a physical good, do not ship the item to your buyer.
Dispute won? If "0" = We did not win the dispute (if a dispute took place.)
If "1" = We won the dispute and you've received the money back.
Variants If there are variants associated with this product, they will displayed here in the format (variant 1, variant 2, variant 3). Otherwise this field will be blank.
Discount Code If an offer code was used, it will be displayed here. Otherwise this field will be blank.
Recurring Charge? If "0" = The item is a one-time purchase, or the initial charge for a subscription product.
 If "1" = This is an automated recurring charge for a subscription product. Note that each subsequent charge will appear on its own line.
 For more information, see our help center article on subscriptions.
Pre-Order Authorization? If "0" = The item was not a pre-order and was paid for at checkout.
 If "1" = The item is a pre-order, and the credit card has been authorized. This is not a real charge. It is just an authorization charge. 
 For more information, see our help center article on pre-orders.
Product ID The product's unique permalink (i.e. "drIB").
 The unique permalink forms your product's URL, such as: https://gumroad.com/l/drIB.
Order Number The number used to identify an order when using Gumroad Ping.
Pre-Order Authorization time (UTC timezone) If a pre-order, this is the time that your customer pre-ordered the product
Custom Fields If you have custom fields on your product, the information entered in them will show up here. More on custom fields here.
Item Price ($) This is the absolute price of the sale relative to the base price. So, if you see a negative number here, that's the amount that a customer received through a discount code.
Variants Price ($) If a customer chooses to buy a product with a variant, this is the amount that the product costs with that variant.
Imported Customer? This is not a feature of Gumroad anymore, but if you have had Gumroad for a long time, 1 = an imported customer, 0 = organic customer.
Giftee email If the purchase was made as a gift, this is the email address of the recipient.
SKU ID If you are selling physical products, this is the SKU that you would use for tracking/shipping
Quantity If you are selling physical products or products that can be purchased in quantities, this is where you'll see the quantity.
Recurrence If the sale was of a subscription product, the recurrence will show up here as "Monthly," "Quarterly, " "Biannually," or "Annually"
Affiliate If the sale was made through an affiliate link, you will see the affiliate's email address here.
Affiliate commission ($) The amount that the affiliate earned on this payment. These will show up in your balance page as negative credits.
Discover? If the sale was made through the Gumroad Discover feature, that will be indicated in this column as a "1"
Subscription Ended Date If the customer cancelled their subscription, this will show the final day they had access to the subscription. Organize this column as "Descending" to find all of your cancelled subscribers.
Rating The number of stars that this customer gave to your product.
License Key If you use license keys on your products, that information will show up here.
Payment Type From this column, you can see whether a sale was made on PayPal or credit/debit card.
PayPal Transaction ID If the purchase was made on PayPal, this is the transaction ID that you can use to look it up in your PayPal account.
Paypal Fee Amount The amount that PayPal lovingly siphons off on payments made through PayPal Connect
Paypal Fee Currency The currency in which you've received payments through sales made via PayPal Connect


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