Enable ecommerce tracking

If you are looking to use your shiny, gold-plated Google Analytics to track the actual revenue you are generating on Gumroad, and see devastatingly detailed data on your sales and conversions, then friend, Ecommerce Tracking is the spaceship you want to board.

The first thing to do is go to your Settings and drop your Google Analytics Property ID.

Then head over to good ol' Google Analytics town, USA to get started.

In Google Analytics

  1. Click Admin from your menu bar.
  2. Select the right Account, Property and View.
  3. Click Ecommerce Settings under the View column.
  4. Toggle "Enable Ecommerce" status to ON and click Next Step.
  5. Leave "Enhanced Ecommerce Settings to "OFF".
  6. Click Submit.

You'll find your Ecommerce report under Conversions & Ecommerce

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