How to send an update

What updates are for:

With the updates feature, Gumroad has effectively stuck a big, loud megaphone right on your face. Think of it as your own personal radio station or newspaper (albeit one with a profitable business model). You'll use it to make announcements to your customers, send out files, or even solicit feedback. Specifically though, updates are often used in conjunction with:

Subscription products

If you sell a subscription product, you will use the Updates feature to send out your product's installments to your customers. A great way to automate your scheduling is to use the Workflows feature. Learn more about Workflows here.

Building an Audience

If you are using the Audience feature to develop a customer base, you should be sending updates to your fans as you approach the launch date of your product, whipping your adoring followers into a buying frenzy. Or... just keep them posted on stuff.

Create an update

First head to your Customers tab and click New Update.


-If you want to send an update to everyone who has ever bought a product from you, and everyone who follows you, select All customers and followers.

-To send an update only to the people following you, click Only followers.

-If you want to send an update to all of your customers, regardless of the product they bought from you, click Only customers.

-If you want to send an update to customers of a specific product, select it under Only customers of...

-If you want to send an update to customers of a specific variant of a product, select the variant name under the product name. Selecting just the product will send the update to all customers across all variants of the product.


You can not currently select multiple, individual products to send updates to. This is a feature that we are working on, and will hopefully complete soon.

If you send updates to all of your customers or followers, that update will not appear in their respective Gumroad libraries, because it has not been assigned to a single product.

Please bear in mind that legally, Gumroad has to allow customers to opt out of receiving updates from you. If a customers opts out of updates, they will neither be counted in your total tally of customers receiving updates, nor receive any updates from you.

Writing your update and attaching files

In the message box, type out your compelling prose.

By highlighting words in your update, you can apply formatting with the pop-up formatting menu. If you create a hyperlink (by clicking #) just make sure to enter http:// or https:// before the URL, as shown below:

When you start writing an update and are unable to send it out, it will be saved as a draft. Simply go to your Updates tab in the future, and you will see it saved. You can now edit it and send it at your leisure.

If you have files to send to your audience, click Add files and attach the files that you need to send out. As with any Gumroad product, the largest single file you can upload is 16 GB.

Specific Filetypes:

Videos: If you are uploading video files, you can set them to stream-only, or allow them to be downloaded and streamed. You can also upload subtitle files to the video, if you need to.

PDF's: We do not offer PDF stamping on PDF files that you send out via updates.

Add a call to action button

If you want to direct customers to a specific website - you're not limited to just adding hyperlinks into your message. At the bottom of your message window, you'll see this feature:

Just add a call to action message and the URL that you'd like to direct your customers or followers to, and Gumroad will automatically add the button at the bottom of your message. You can test out the button's functionality by clicking Preview.

Sending the update

Almost there!

Click the Preview toggle at the top left of the page to see what your customers will see in their inboxes.

Now that you're ready to send your update, you can choose whether to Send Now or Send Later. If you have a timeline in mind for your updates, or want to send your email at a more optimized time of day, click Send Later. From there, you can choose the time and date in which this update will be shipped. Click Schedule Now to start the clock on this scheduled message.

If you think of better wording for your update, or want to add new files - don't worry! You can edit or cancel this update at any time before the release date.

Automated Updates

Gumroad allows you, with the Workflows feature, to create single or multiple (even never-ending!) automated, scheduled updates for your customers. These automated messages (with any attached files) will be sent out at pre-determined dates after the date of purchase. You can schedule these out hours, days, or weeks after the purchase date.

To learn more about how Workflows both work and flow, please visit their designated Help Center article.

Email Analytics

A few moments (you may measure them in seconds, or shakes of a lamb's tail) after you send out an update, you'll be able to see the total number of recipients, as well as the number and percentage of recipients who have opened and clicked the update message so far.

You can also hover over the total Clicks to see a break down of the links that were clicked in your email.

Over time, you can use this information to get a pulse on your audience. Is your open rate better when your subject line is " Quick Tip: _____," or when it's "Hey, who wants to see me do a backflip?" Are they more excited to see your latest work, or to get a discount? Every creator's audience is different. What does yours respond to?

How do updates work for customers?

Updates are only sent out to existing customers (and/or followers, depending on who you send your update out to). As an illustration, let's say you are selling a subscription product, and send out an update on the first of every month. If someone subscribes on April 29, they will not receive anything or see any download links until May 1. For more on how subscriptions work, see here.

When you send out an update, customers receive an email from you, with a download link to the attachments. When they click this link they will be sent to a download page.

If a customer writes to you complaining that they are not receiving updates, there are a couple things that could have gone wrong. Please refer to this article for more information on what could be awry.

To verify that your customer can receive updates from you, go to your customers tab, search for your customers name or email address. You will see a checkmark next to their name if they are set to receive updates from you.

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