Starting an email newsletter

A follower on Gumroad is someone you can send email notifications or updates to via Posts or Workflows. Followers may or may not be your customers yet.

To see a list of your followers, simply go to this page from where you can export a CSV of your followers or remove an email from your list.

To see how your followers have increased over a period of time, you can go to your Following Analytics dashboard:

Your subscribe page

You can grow your following without creating a product, and your followers don't need to create Gumroad accounts to learn about what you're up to. Put simply, the subscribe page is like your newsletter's landing page.

The URL for your subscribe page will be  {username} Alternatively, go to your widgets page and scroll down to the "Subscribe form" section. You can copy the link to your subscribe page from here and also test the form by entering an email and hitting “Follow”!

Embed the subscribe form on your website

Go to your widgets page and scroll down to the "Subscribe form" section. Click “Copy embed code” and paste it in your website’s HTML editor. If you need help finding the proper location to enter the code into your specific site, please refer to your site builder's help documentation.

Sending posts to your followers

To send out a post to your followers, you can go to your Posts dashboard and click New Post.

Under Audience, you can choose to send this post to your Followers only, to your Customers only, Affiliates only, or to Everyone. You can also choose several other parameters to narrow down your target audience even further. Learn more about Posts.

Write your message, upload as many files as you like, and choose to publish now or schedule for a later date. 

Using Workflows to keep followers engaged

Make sure your new followers receive an email from you as soon as they subscribe by creating a Workflow. Workflows are a series of automated emails that are sent to your followers relative to the time they sign up.

Go to your workflows dashboard and click the pink New workflow button to start a new workflow. Give it a name (only you will be able to see this), then select your Audience (in this example, Followers only).

Click Add, then Add email to add your first message. If you want your followers to receive the message immediately after they follow you, set the timing of the first email to 0 hours after follow

If you want only new followers who subscribe after you publish this workflow to get this post, click the Only send to new followers toggle under the Attach files button. If this toggle is switched off, the workflow will be sent to all existing followers as well (as long as they satisfy the filter conditions).

You can test out what timing, subject lines, or offerings work best with workflow email analytics. On your Workflows tab, you'll be able to see your open and click-through rates as well. Learn more about workflows

Managing your following

On the Following dashboard, you can export a CSV of your existing followers. Simply click the Export icon next to the dropdown date range menu.


Click the Export button to export a CSV of your followers, from a specified time range that you have selected. The CSV will contain the followers' email addresses and the date that they began following you. 

If someone chooses to unsubscribe, they will be automatically removed from your list. 

Viewing and Deleting

You can view the email IDs of all your followers and the date that they followed you on the Followers page. You can also access the page by first clicking on "Audience" on the vertical nav menu, and then "Followers" on the sub-nav menu. 

If you wish to delete a follower from your list, simply click on their email and then delete them from the right-vertical menu that pops-up. 

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