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What is an "Audience?"

A "Follower" on Gumroad is someone who you can send updates to through the Gumroad platform, and is automatically notified every time you publish a new product.

With the Gumroad Audience feature, you can grow the ranks of your followers without creating a product, and your followers don't need to create Gumroad accounts to learn about what you're up to. By creating and advertising your Profile, you are building an audience for all future Gumroad updates and product launches.

Customizing Your Profile

Your Profile is the sleek, stylish portal where you collect the contact information of your followers and future customers. All you need to create one is a Gumroad account and a username

To get started, log into Gumroad and first check that you have a username set up in your Settings menu.

Now click Profile in the navigation bar (at the top of the page, when logged in to Gumroad). The URL of your Profile is, where username is replaced by the specific username you set up for yourself in your Settings menu.

If you're just getting started on Gumroad, your Profile will look something like this:

Once you start adding products on Gumroad, they'll also show up on your Profile, like this: 

If you want to send your audience to a page without your products on it, you send them to your Follow page. Your Follow page lives at In other words, just add "/follow" to the end of your Profile URL. Your products will never show up on this Follow page, so you can use it as a simple landing page of sorts.

Confused about the difference between your Profile and your Follow page? This guide will walk you through the differences.


Your Profile is your Gumroad home base. You can use your Profile to build your audience as you're getting started, and to showcase your products as you create them. When thinking about your messaging, decide whether you want to use your Profile to build an audience in general ("Sign up for updates on what I'm working on!") or to build an audience around a specific product ("I'm writing 600 page novel about the highly charged politics of Ancient Egyptian celery farming. Join the fun!" - clearly that's a first draft).

Start by adding your name. Then, add a description/bio. To edit your messaging, simply draw your cursor over your existing text, click, and start typing. Note that Gumroad supports multiple lines of text in the description/bio section, but not in the name section.

If you want to change your profile image, click Profile picture in the toolbar above your Profile

Note that your Profile and your Follow page can have different messaging. For example, you could add your name and bio to your Profile and add specific details about an upcoming project you're working on to your Follow page. In this way, you could target people who are interested in you as a creator / your brand as a whole through your Profile page and target people who are excited about something specific you're working on through your Follow page. 


Using the Style dropdown menu at the top of the page, you can alter the background color and button color of the page. You can also choose to upload a background image or video. 

For background images, the size of your image is going to scale to whatever device your audience is on. Thus, make the image large. The best size to use would be 1200 x 800 pixels at 72 DPI, so aim to get yours around those dimensions.

You can also upload a video file as your background. We recommend that you use only MP4 filetypes that are sized at 1200 x 800 pixels. 

Using the Follow form dropdown menu, you can choose from a few different Call to action buttons. For example, you might want the button text to say "Subscribe" instead of "Follow."

For more ways to customize your landing page, see our CSS Snippets article.

To get the full effect of what your landing page will look like, without the nosey ol' styling menu interfering, you can toggle from Edit to Preview

When you are happy, proud, and ready to move on, click Save changes to... well, you guessed it. When your customers land on this page, they will see something like the following, and after signing up, will be ready to receive updates from you!

Note that your Profile and your Follow page will have the same styling.

The embeddable signup form

If you want to get people to follow you without sending them to your Profile you can embed a signup form onto your website!

From your Profile (or your Follow page), click Follow form and then click the teal copy-to-clipboard icon to copy the HTML code necessary to embed this on your site.

You'll need to be able to edit the raw HTML of your web page to add the embeddable Follow form. Please check your sitebuilder's help documentation to assist you with this. When you paste the HTML code, you'll be able to edit the attributes (such as color, wording, font types, and size) to better fit into your site's theme.

Sending Updates

To send out and Update to your customers, you can either:

1. Click Email on your Audience Dashboard

2. Go to your Updates tab. From here, you can start crafting your highly informative missives. Or simply click New update from the Customers tab.

In the dropdown menu when you choose the recipients of the update, you can differentiate between your followers (people who are receiving updates) and your customers (people who have actually bought your products), or send updates to all of them.

Now write a message, upload some files if need be, and send that update out - right now, or later. For a much more thorough and actually-helpful explanation of the power that comes with Updates, check out this article.

Why Not Workflows?

Don't leave your new followers hanging! Make sure they get something from you as soon as they subscribe to your updates by creating a workflow that sends out an automatic message and content upon their click of the follow button. 

In your workflows tab, set up a new workflow that gets sent out to followers 0 hours after time of follow. Write a message, add some files, some fantastic puns - even create a 10 piece workflow that spans over a one year period - it's up to you to razzle and dazzle your new audience members. Just know that as soon as they start following you, they'll get that first email. 

To be sure, you don't have to send them a message as soon as they follow you. You can play it cool - make them wait a few hours. Audiences sometimes like if you play hard to get.

See what works best! With workflow email analytics, you'll be able to tell what kinds of subject lines get the best open and click-through rates.

Want to learn more about Workflows? Guess what?!? You can learn more about Workflows here!

Manage your Audience

On the Audience dashboard you can import a CSV of followers TO your audience, or export a CSV of your existing followers. Simply click the Import and Export icons next to the dropdown date menu. 


Jumpstart your followership with the import tool! If you have existing followers from another mailing list, you can bring them into Gumroad, consolidating your future customers in one easily-reachable place.

The only way you can properly import an existing list of followers is to upload the template CSV with the header intact. You can not alter the header in any way - just add all the email addresses of your followers in the 2nd row, beneath the Email header. 

You can download this template CSV from the Audience tab, or get an example now right here


Click the export button to export a CSV of your followers, from the specified timeline that you have selected. The CSV will contain the followers' email addresses and the date that they began following you. 

If someone chooses to unsubscribe from your updates, they will be automatically removed from your followers list. 

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