Selling online courses with Gumroad

1. Creating a course as a single product

Package course content into a single product. Let your students go through course material at their own pace by creating a multi-file product. Video tutorials, workbooks, case studies, audio guides—attach 'em all to the same product. After purchasing, students will have immediate access to all course material.

2. Drip out course content over time.

Sometimes your students may need a little structure to stay on track. Help pace them through your course by delivering individual lessons on a daily or weekly basis. Use Workflows to set up a sequence of automated emails that get triggered by the purchase of your course. You can include most of your teachings in the body of each email or attach multimedia content for your students to download.

3. Give students long-term access to a bank of course content

Planning on continually adding new lessons and exercises? Use Memberships to charge students, on a monthly or annual basis, to access course material. You can update existing content or add new content as often as you like. Students will have access to course material, via their Gumroad Library and our mobile app, as long as they're subscribed.

Use the fixed-length feature of Memberships to automatically end customers' access to these classes after a set amount of months.

4. Teach a course with pre-defined start and end dates

With Pre-Orders, you can accept purchases leading up to launch, meaning students can enroll in your course before it begins. They won't get access to course material or start receiving Workflow emails until launch day. If all of your students are at the same place in your lesson plan, you can add live components and peer-to-peer support to your course. Live webinars and private Facebook Groups are great tools for interaction with and between your students.

Bonus: Offer tiered bundles. Some students will want the most basic version of your course while others will be eager for premium content such as bonus tutorials or access to one-on-one help from you. With tiered bundles—three tiers work especially well—there's something for everyone.

Learn how to set up tiered products here.

5. Combine features

Use our fixed-length membership feature to create a course that automatically ends after amount of months, and combine this course with Workflows so that customers: 

A) Receive their content dripped out to them over time

B) Can pay you in a variety of ways - i.e. $300 up front, or $100 every month for 3 months (if you were selling a 3 month-long course)


Take your course to the next level with these powerful Gumroad integrations.

ProductPress: Use Gumroad to sell access to courses and private membership sites built on WordPress.

ConvertKit, Drip, and MailChimp: Drip course content over time. Seamlessly trigger email sequences by automatically sending customer data after every Gumroad purchase.

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