The Gumroad Dashboard App

What is the Gumroad Dashboard app?

If you are an existing Gumroad creator, the Gumroad Dashboard app lets you track your daily, monthly, and all-time sales totals on Gumroad, right from your phone. You can even enable push notifications to receive sales notifications in real-time.

The Gumroad Dashboard app is not the same as the Gumroad Library app. Your Gumroad Library is where you can access products you have purchased on Gumroad, and where customers who have bought your products on Gumroad can watch, read, or listen to your work.

At the moment, you can not use the Gumroad Dashboard app to:

  • Create a Gumroad account
  • Contact or refund your customers
  • Create products
  • View sales you have made as an affiliate.

The Gumroad Dashboard app is available on Android and iOS (with support for Apple Watch notifications).

Again, please note, the Gumroad Dashboard app does not show sales made as an affiliate. If you are only using Gumroad as an affiliate, no data will show up for you on this app. 

Using Gumroad Dashboard App

Step 1: Get the app!

To find the iOS app, simply go to the Apple App Store and search for "Gumroad," or click this link here. Download "Gumroad Dashboard". 

To find the Android app, head over to the Google Play Store and search for "Gumroad" or click this link here. Download "Gumroad Dashboard."

Step 2: Login

You can login to the app using your Facebook or Twitter credentials (as long as they have previously been connected to your Gumroad account), or your email and password.

Step 3: Enable push notifications

Allow for push notifications and you’ll be alerted when you make a sale.

Step 4: Track your sales

Once logged in, you'll be able to toggle between your daily, monthly, and all time sales on Gumroad. For each sale, you'll see the product name, price, customer email address, and when the sale was made. Keep in mind that the amounts shown (for individual sales and the total over a given time period) are pre-fees (in other words, before we've applied our transaction fee). 

Connect your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can also get Gumroad notifications on your wrist (or ankle, if you have unorthodox watch-wearing habits)! To do so, simply:
1. Open up the "Watch" app
2. Scroll down to the Gumroad icon
3. Allow notifications from Gumroad

What is a day?

The sales you see reflected in your last day (under Today in Gumroad Dashboard) are all sales made since 12:01 AM (or 00:01) in your timezone. The "Month" total is for the current month. 

More to come

Currently, the Gumroad Dashboard app does not include additional details about each sale, like offer codes used, shipping costs paid, variants selected, or whether the sale was referred through an affiliate. These details will still come to you in the form of sales notification emails and via your Customers tab in the web app. As we continue improving the app, we'll start displaying more information about each sale. Stay tuned! 

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