Importing customers to a product

If you have a mailing list of previous customers, or you've built a list of potential customers, and you've upgraded your account, you can import them into your Customers dashboard. 

They will be imported as "customers" of a Gumroad product that you have already created. After you import them, they will receive a download link to that product for free, and they will receive any Posts or Workflows you send out to customers of that product.

NOTE: If you are importing your customers to a pre-order product that has not yet been released, or to a membership product, different steps are required (see below).

How to import customers one at a time

First, go to your Customers dashboard and click the Import icon.

Choose a product that you would like to assign customers to from the dropdown menu. If you have only a handful of customers to import, simply add them manually. Click Import customers manually, then enter their email address and click Add. When you're done, click Import Customers.

Import customers from CSV

If you have a large amount of customers to import to a product, you can import them from a CSV. On the import dropdown menu, download the template CSV.

Open the CSV, and underneath the header, paste your customers' emails. (Note: Do not edit the header or add any additional columns to the CSV---this will cause it to upload incorrectly.)

Save the CSV, then upload it to Gumroad by clicking the grey Upload CSV box, selecting your file, and clicking Import Customers.

Deleting an imported customer

To delete an imported customer, simply click on their name in the Customers dashboard and click the red Delete button. If you accidentally delete a customer, you can always re-upload your Customer CSV and their name will be restored.

Importing customers to a pre-order product

Note that you cannot import customers to a pre-order product that has not yet been released. 

To send files to people who are currently on your mailing list, consider inviting them to follow you via your Follow page and send them files manually using our Posts feature, or automatically using our Workflows feature.

Importing customers to a membership product

Because a membership product requires your customer to create a Gumroad account, the process of importing them to your product is a little more involved.

Essentially, they will need to "purchase" the product for free. Here's how to do that:

1. Add your product.

2. Create a 100% off discount code on the product, and limit its usage to the number of customers you wish to import.

3) Click  Save Changes. Then, click the Share link that appears in the Name box next to your discount code.

4) Copy the URL in your browser's address bar by using Ctrl+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac). 

5) Paste the URL into an email for your customers and add  ?wanted=true to the end of that URL. The URL you are sending your customers will look something like:

When your customers click that link, they will be sent to a screen like this:

All they have to do is fill out the form, and they'll be able to see all the updates you've ever sent.

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