Product Ratings on Gumroad

With Gumroad's rating feature, customers can give your products 1-5 stars after their purchase. Ratings were among our most-requested features, and in 2019 they were at long last built into the site. We look to improve upon ratings in future, and build them into more aspects of Gumroad, because they are a great way to: 

  • Add legitimacy and "social proof" to your products.
  • Allow customers to organize your products
  • Surface popular results in the Discover search

Organize by rating

On your profile page, you can organize your own products by rating. Click Products, select Highest rated and then save changes

If you have five or more products on your page, customers can organize your products by rating too. 

How to leave a rating

Customers can review your product from the download page of their product:

Or from the product page itself (as long as they are either logged into Gumroad, or allow Gumroad to cookie their browser)

How to get customers to leave a rating

To solicit reviews from customers, you can: 

1) Send out an update to only the customers of a single product. This article can serve as a refresher on how to do that.

2) Tell them to rate the product if they liked it!

3) The email you send out will automatically contain a link directly to the download page of the product

How to see what people have rated you

Go to your Customers tab. Click the name of any customer. If they have left you a rating, that rating will show up under their sales information. 

You can also export a sales CSV from your Customers tab. The CSV will show ratings you've received from customers. 

How to remove ratings

Let's be honest - sometimes feedback hurts, and sometimes people are real weirdos about giving it. Thankfully you can choose to remove ratings and any associated stress from your life. 

To remove a specific customer's rating, you can refund them for their purchase. You can also ask them to re-rate your product. 

To remove ratings, simply go to the SHARE tab of your product

Scroll down to the bottom to the block titled DISCOVER SETTINGS. There, you can toggle whether or not your ratings are displayed. Customers can still rate your products, but those ratings will be private. 

To help customers find your products, use tags. When you add a new product, you can add tags to target those who are most likely to purchase your product. You'll find these settings in the Share tab of your product's editing flow. 

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