The Gumroad Library

When your customers purchase a product on Gumroad, it will appear in their Library. They can access their Library by clicking the Library button on the side navigation bar. 

Navigating your Library

Your customer's purchases can be sorted and filtered from their library panel.

To access the content they purchased from you, they will simply click on your product's tile, and a window will appear directing them to content inside.

Inside the product, your customers can also see a of list exclusive posts associated with your product.

Archiving or Deleting Products

When customers no longer want a product in their Library, they can archive it or delete it.

The Gumroad Library App

Your customers can view their Gumroad library on their mobile device using the Gumroad Library app. If your products are mobile-friendly, your customers will be able to read, listen to, or watch your files, as well as view posts directly on their phones. Your customers can also download your products for later by sliding the file title to the left and selecting Save. 

If your own library is empty and you want to see what a library with products looks like, then get some of our free demo products. They will show up in your own library.

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