Setting up Variants on a Physical Product

Variants for Physical Products

For Physical Products, Variants allow you to create multiple versions of an item without having to actually set up new Gumroad products. For example, if you are selling a T-shirt design that comes in different colors and sizes, use Variants to allow your customers to choose their exact desired T-shirt. 

The equivalent of these are Tiers for Memberships, and Versions for Digital Products.

After creating your Physical Product, scroll down to Variants and click Add variant. Type the category name (e.g., “Color”, “Size”) and the available options (e.g., “Grey”, “Blue”, or “Medium”, “Large”). 

When you’ve added all the options you’d like, click Manage inventory and SKUs. This will automatically create a unique SKU number for every possible combination of versions. 

If you have a limited quantity of a certain version in stock, you can record that amount in the Quantity field. If you’d like to charge extra for one of your versions, you can enter the additional cost in the Additional Amount field.

Click Edit SKU to copy the SKU number to your dashboard, or enter a custom SKU. When you’re finished, click Save.

You can click on the corner of the preview box to view how your Product will appear and double check to make sure everything looks correct. Yep... looks great! To send a customer directly to a variant, see here

Reassign a Customer to a Different Variant

Sometimes customers make a mistake and choose the wrong size or they change their mind on what color they want to order. Not to worry! We've added a feature so you can reassign customers to the correct variant. 

Select Customers in the top of your navigation bar. Click on the customer you'd like to change the variant of. Scroll down to the variant, select the pencil icon, and select the correct variant. This does not charge or refund the customer, it simply changes their variant. 

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