Setting up Tiers on a Membership

Tiers are variations you can create for a Membership. The equivalent of these are Versions for Digital Products and Variants for Physical products.

Customers can change their membership tiers any time from their receipt links, moving - for example - from a "basic" tier to a "premium" tier. 

Tiers can help you:

  • Create levels of membership access, with each tier providing customers with access to different combinations of files
  • Sell software with different license levels (Individual / Team / Company)
  • Offer an additional service on top of your digital product, such as a coaching call, or a trip to a mini-golf course

How to set up multiple Tiers of your Membership.

To get started, go to your Products dashboard, create a Membership or select the Membership you’d like to add different tiers to. 

Fill in the names of the Tier levels that your customers are choosing from. For example, if you're offering multiple levels of a Membership, you can label it something fun like "Buddies," "Best Friends," and "Family." Don't forget to add a description of what's included in each Tier. 

Add your files directly to your Tiers by selecting "Add more files." To delete any files just select the trash can icon. 

Simply click  Add tiers to continue adding tiers. In this example we're offering 3 total tiers. The Buddies Tier for $2 a month, the Best Friends Tier for $5 a month, and the Family Tier for $10 a month. You can add an additional price to each Tier by typing the value in the Additional Amount field. 

If you want to limit the number of Members per Tier and want to limit sales of a Tier enter the number in the  Maximum number of active supporters field. In this example, we have unlimited quantity for two Tiers, and a limit of 5 for one. Select the files that match the Tier level that appear under each Tier. 

You can deselect any files you don't want included in your Tier by clicking the check mark circle to the right of the filename. You can also change what files are in what Tiers by selecting the pencil icon and selecting the Tiers beneath it that you want it organized under.

You can also choose our Custom Delivery feature and redirect customers to an external URL corresponding to the tier they subscribe to. Just click on the "Redirect to a URL after purchase" button to toggle that feature on! 

Reorder Tiers

If you want to change the order of how your Tiers appear, hover over the left side of the Tier and click and drag to the desired order. 

Preview Tiers

You can click on the corner of the preview box to view how your Membership will appear and double-check to make sure everything looks correct. Yep... looks great! If you've chosen to have a set number of Members to a tier, the number of slots will appear next to the Tier name. In this example, there are only 2 slots open on the Family Tier. 

Share Tiers

You can send customers to a specific Tier by selecting Share next to the title of the Tier.

Reassign a Member to a Different Tier

Did your customer select the wrong tier? Are you deleting a tier and need to move customers to a new one? 

Reassigning members is a quick fix. Go to your Customers page in the navigation. Click on the member you'd like to change the tier of. Scroll down to the version, select the pencil icon, and select the correct tier. 

This does not charge or refund the customer, it simply changes their tier. The change does not affect pricing or payments - the customer will always continue to pay the exact same price they are currently paying. 

Changing tiers

For Memberships with multiple tiers, customers have the ability to change tiers at any time and choose how they want to support you.

If they upgrade their Membership to a higher tier, they will be charged a “prorated” rate. They will get a discount for the remaining part of their subscription, which will be subtracted from their new Membership rate. The discount is calculated as of the end of the current day.

So, if they are paying $5/month and change to a $8/month tier, they will be charged $3 that day to make up for the rest of the month, until they are charged $8 again. 

If they downgrade their Membership (move to a lower tier) their current plan won’t be changed immediately. We will wait until the end of their billing cycle to downgrade.

They will get a receipt of your change in their email inbox.

What happens if you delete an active tier?

Sometimes you don't want a tier to be associated with your membership anymore and just wish to delete it. But how does that affect those who have already bought the soon-to-be-gone tier?

From the point of view of such customer's — nothing changes virtually. They'll continue to have access to the files that were associated with the tier at the time it was deleted  unless you delete those individual files as well! If the files are deleted too, the customers unfortunately will not see any files attached to their purchase. 

Thus, if you plan to delete the files along with the tier as well, we recommend that you reassign the customer to another tier that will remain live (a how-to on that is right above this section). Please note that that does NOT affect the amount the customer is charged for ongoing subscription payments.

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