What kind of account should I choose?

In order to be paid for your sales, you need to fill out your payout settings. On this page, you can choose which kind of account you have - Individual or Business

Here are the instances in which you would choose these account types: 


  1. You do not have a business, or are selling as yourself, or
  2. We are paying you, not your business. In other words, the money we pay you goes to your personal bank or PayPal account, rather than that of your business.


1. You are selling as your business

2. We are paying your business and your business' PayPal/bank account. 

Things to note: 

If you choose a Business account, you, the account creator, will serve as the "representative" for the account. If you live in a country where we pay out via bank deposits, you will be asked for information to verify your identity. There is no way around this requirement, unfortunately, as it is a legal regulation that Stripe (and thus Gumroad) has to abide by. 

Creators living in the United States

If you live in the United States and make more than $20,000 or 200 sales per year on Gumroad, you will be sent a 1099 in February or March. 

If you set up your account as an individual, the 1099 will be sent to you, and filed under your name. If you have created a business account, it will be filed under your business' information. Please make sure that if your address or your business' address changes, you update this information in your payout settings. If you neglect to do this, your 1099 will be sent to the old address. 

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