How can I get paid?

After January 1st, 2021, Gumroad payouts have become a little bit more complicated than they used to be. Here's a simplified explanation.

For sales made through PayPal:

If you want your audience to be able to pay for your products using PayPal, then you need to connect your PayPal account in the payments settings page. This is a different page from the payouts page. 

All purchases made with PayPal will be paid to you instantly to your PayPal account in your PayPal account's native currency.

If you cannot use PayPal Connect, then your customers will buy your products using a credit card. For those sales, you will be paid out on Fridays.  

For sales made with debit/credit cards:

To get paid to a bank account, you need to: 

  1. Live in one of the following countries: 
  2. United States of America United Kingdom Australia
    Austria Belgium Canada
    Cyprus Estonia France
    Finland Germany Greece
    Ireland Italy Latvia
    Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
    The Netherlands New Zealand Poland
    Portugal Singapore Slovakia
    Slovenia Spain Switzerland
    Hong Kong Czech Republic
  3. Have proof that you live in those countries (an ID card showing your address, and a phone number) 
  4. Have a bank account in those countries. We will pay you in your local currency. 

To get paid to a PayPal account, you need to: 

  1. Live in any country that is not in the above direct deposit countries
  2. Be able to receive money through PayPal

You generally  do not need a business account on PayPal to get paid, but you should check about policies with PayPal's support team before getting set up. 

What if I can't be paid out via PayPal?

If PayPal isn't in your country yet or you can't be paid out via PayPal for some reason, you can not use Gumroad. Sorry! We do plan to offer direct bank account transfers to many more countries. Follow our official posts here to stay updated! 

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