The audience dashboard

erstwhile called the 'Customers Dashboard'

Interacting with and serving your audience is an important part of running your business. Every time a new customer purchases a product from your Gumroad, their email address and other details are added to the 'Customers' tab of your Audience dashboard. Similarly, if someone ever follows you from your profile page, they get added in your 'Follower' tab here. You can review all of your customers and manage your audience information from this dashboard. You can also create Workflows

Here we will explore every part of the Audience dashboard and what you can do in it.

Customer information

When you click on the Customers tab, you'll see a list of all of your customers with their email address, organized by product purchased, price they paid, all sorted by from newest to oldest purchases. 

Searching and filtering

You can search for an email address directly by selecting the magnifying glass on the upper right-hand side. You can also search for a customer's name if it was used in the purchase. 

You can also filter your customers by what they have or haven't bought, price, purchase date, country, and if they're an active customer. An  active customer is someone who is not refunded and not unsubscribed from the product. 

Customer tab breakdown

You can view more information by clicking directly onto their email address. Let's explore this area from the top down. 

Discover or offer code

Right below the product title, you're able to see if a Customer found this product via Discover or if an Offer Code was used. 

Edit a customer's email address

If your customer has mistyped their email address when purchasing your product or needs to change their mailing information, you can fix this for them in the Audience dashboard. Just search for their name, click on it to open the Customer drawer, and then click their email. Click the checkmark to save.

Sometimes the email address of a customer will be written in grey font, not blue. That means they created a Gumroad account during their purchase. For security reasons, we do not currently allow creators to edit other account holders' email addresses.

If a customer mistyped their email address and created an account during their purchase, please email us using the 'Contact Us' form linked below and let us know what the customer's incorrect email address is, as well as their correct email address. We will quickly correct this for both of you.


You're able to see whether or not they receive your Posts. You can toggle this on and off. If a customer has written in saying they have not been receiving updates from you, this would be the first place to look. 

Tiers, versions, and variants

You're able to see what product they bought, including what Tier, Version, or Variant as well. Depending on the product you can reassign them to a different Tier, Version, or Variant by selecting the pencil icon. This does not charge or refund the customer, it simply changes their product type and the files they receive.


You're able to see the quantity of the product the customer purchased as well, which you cannot change.

Shipping information

You can mark a physical product as being shipped and enter tracking information in the dashboard. You need to enter the full URL of the tracking order, not just the tracking ID. 


You can see how a Customer has rated your product. If you're unhappy with your ratings, you can remove them from being visible, or refund the customer to automatically delete their review. 

Deleting a customer

You can delete a customer if they purchased a free product only. Deleting from the dashboard will also revoke their access to the product. 

This revokes their access from the product. 

Cancelling a membership

From here you're able to cancel a customer's membership by selecting the red Cancel Subscription button. 

If you want to prevent customers from subscribing or delete a membership product entirely, you can use these methods

Refunding a customer

You can refund a customer in the dashboard as well. If you only want to issue a partial refund you can type in the amount you want to refund and hit Issue partial refund.

Resend posts, workflow emails, and receipts

You can resend posts, workflow emails, and receipts at the bottom of this section. If your customer did not receive a receipt from you, here are a few common reasons why. 

Exporting a customers sales CSV 

At any time, you can download a CSV file of your customers and their purchases within a selected date range. This CSV will cover all sales of your products within the date range, or you can choose to download information pertaining to a single product. 

Follower information

Click on the "Followers" tab in the the Audience Dashboard, and you will see the email IDs of all your followers, and the date that they followed you on! The list is sorted in descending order of the date the follower got added. 

If you wish to delete a follower, simply click their name, and click "Remove Follower" 

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