Why aren't my products in Discover?

By default, Discover is enabled for your products. But we have a few measures in place to prevent spam from clogging up Discover's beautiful aisles. 

There are seven boxes that must be ticked off for your products to show up on Gumroad. 

For any product to show up in Discover, you first need to:

1. Turn on the Discover settings in your settings menu

2. Fill out your payout settings

Then, the product itself needs to meet the following criteria

3. It cannot be NSFW or adult

4. The product's star ratings must be visible

5. The product needs to have been purchased by real customers (not self-purchases by yourself or a family member)

6. It needs to have received a rating on the product. 

And finally...

7. Your account needs to have been verified by us. 

That means: 

  • You need to have made at least $10 USD in sales, and 
  • Our Risk team needs to have reviewed and cleared your sales. 

To see if you've been reviewed, go to your Balance page. If you see a message that your account has not been reviewed, then your products will not show up in Discover.

These rules help ensure that the Discover search results are not flooded with spam and adult products. 

So, if you are not seeing your products show up in Discover, it's due to one of these reasons above. 

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