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How to sell Photoshop brushes on Gumroad?

The creator economy is just getting started.

From woodworking kits or online marketing resources to illustration tutorials or personal finance books, there are thousands of topics that people want to learn about online. So, why not get paid for your own craft &/or expertise?

Selling Photoshop brushes with Gumroad is a breeze, and costs $0 (no monthly fees). Thousands of independent creators are already making a living by selling Photoshop brushes & tutorials with Gumroad — in minutes, you could be one of them! If you want to sell your Photoshop brushes online (or on your own website), Gumroad is here to make it easy.

Run your online business with Gumroad

With Gumroad, selling your Photoshop brushes online doesn't require you to know coding. You can both sell products directly from Gumroad with a personalized URL, or embed on your own website:

Simply copy & paste to embed your Gumroad store on any webpage or site! You can easily embed your store, products or simply a buy now button.

Plus, Gumroad includes nifty features you won’t find anywhere else such as Buy button support for Twitter and official plugins for popular website builders like WordPress & more.

There is no limit on the number of Photoshop brushes, PSD actions or templates you can upload to Gumroad: we even offer unlimited bandwidth & storage for individual files sizes up to 16GB at no additional cost!

Gumroad makes it incredibly easy to engage with your customers: our built-in email marketing features allow you to skip the headache & cost of third-party email software. Send segmented mass emails to your customers about new releases, updates, newsletters, and more directly from Gumroad.

Start selling in 4 easy steps

With Gumroad, selling your Photoshop brushes online (&/or from your own website) doesn’t require any special knowledge. In just 4 easy steps, you could have your Photoshop brushes available for online purchase in no time:

  1. Create your own Gumroad account (100% free, no monthly fees).
  2. Upload your Photoshop brushes and write their descriptions.
  3. Fill-in your payout information to get paid
  4. Link to your product directly (ie., or embed it on your own website.

Why choose Gumroad?

Built-In email marketing

Gumroad’s built-in email segmentation & marketing makes it easy to keep your customers informed with relevant content. Be as powerful as the world’s largest retailers by setting up automatic workflows such as thank you notes, upsells, and more!

Robust payment features

Gumroad has everything you need to effortlessly set up sophisticated pricing and customization for your products:

  • Discounts: Offer your customers custom codes for discounts on your products. Gumroad gives you full flexibility and control: both % or fixed amounts + limits for # of uses!
  • License Keys: Selling software or subscriptions? Let Gumroad handle license keys for you — so you can focus on what matters most!
  • Multi-currency: Sell your product in $, £, ¥ and more — your audience lives around the world. Increase your conversions by selling in the currency they’re used to.
  • Versions & variants: Allow buyers to pick between different formats or licenses — easily offer multiple packages with different files & prices for any given product.
  • DRM & Rentals: Make sure your products aren’t being shared. Beyond our built-in abuse prevention, you have complete control over downloads (ie. you can even offer your product for rent at a lower price & they’ll have 72 hours to watch it).

Built for memberships

Want to sell a 3-month course? Easily offer multiple payment options, including fixed-length subscriptions: let your customers pay monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly — and get more revenue upfront. Your customers will have access to a library of content for as long as they are subscribed.

Make it your own

Personalize your landing page to your heart’s content. Change some colors around or use CSS to style anything you wish — it’s up to you. Best of all: every Gumroad creator gets a custom URL to build their brand (ie.

Grow your following

Gumroad is optimized to help you grow your audience, starting with the follow form at the top of your profile. We make it easy to include our follow form on an existing blog or website. All you have to do is copy and paste a few lines of code.

Unlimited products, no monthly fees

It costs $0 to start selling on Gumroad, and we charge no monthly fees, seriously. When you make a sale, we charge a 10% flat fee. This does not include credit card processing or PayPal fees, but there are no monthly payments or hidden charges.

More than $523,147,075 paid to sellers just like you since 2011.

Join 97,280+ others who use Gumroad to make a living online: get started today! For example...

Ed Latimore has generated over $100,000 selling a Twitter Growth eBook:

"Gumroad has allowed me to make a real living selling my products, but more than that, they're heavily involved in the creator's success. You really feel Gumroad's involvement with the internet community and their responsiveness to issues is unparalleled." (read more)

Kristina Garner is one of our top-earning creators selling homeschooling products:

"Gumroad has been essential to my journey as an entrepreneur. It has streamlined so many of the day-to-day operations, freeing me up to focus on creating content for our wonderful community." (read more)

Jesse Enkamp has generated 6 figures selling Karate memberships:

"Gumroad allows me the freedom to do what I love while making a living." (read more)

Start earning money from your Photoshop brushes today

You can buy & sell Photoshop brushes, tutorials, PSD files & actions, or any other digital products on Gumroad for FREE — no monthly fees, seriously.

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