Dynamic discounts with Parity Deals

Expanding Gumroad’s discount feature

Parity Deals is a service that allows Gumroad creators to set up dynamic pricing and discounts based on the customer’s location — ensuring a price that is proportionate to customer’s local currency and affordability (aka Purchasing Power Parity).

In addition to the location, Parity Deals also allows you to set up discounts for specific holiday periods, or time since the start of the sale!

Parity Deals is free to use for one product, but you can upgrade to a paid PRO plan for more products, security features, and customizations.

Setting up Parity Deals

  1. Create an account on Parity Deals and head to their dashboard. Click the “Create Deals” button in the top-right, followed by “Create Deals with Gumroad”.
  2. Next, ‘Authorize’ Parity Deals to connect with your Gumroad account and select the product(s) you want. 
  3. On the next page, specify the URL of your custom website where you’d like to display the discount banner, and any target page path if you want. Please note: The discount notification banner will only appear on your website and not on your Gumroad profile or product page.

    For example, if you want the banner to be displayed only on the “mywebsite.com/pricing” page, then your setup page will look like this:

Now select the type(s) of deal you wish to offer.

Location deals

Location-based discounts are applied to a group of countries based on their Purchasing Power Parity. Thus, discounts will vary based on the buyer’s location.

You can change the pre-defined discount % for each parity group, and give a custom coupon code name as well. Parity Deals will automatically create a coupon for you if you leave the ‘Coupon Code’ box blank.

If you have already created discount coupons in your Gumroad account, you can even enter them under a parity group as well.

Holiday deals

Planning a sale for the Chinese New Year, International Pi Day, or Black Friday? Holiday-based discounts help you do just that!

Go through the list of holidays and update the discount %. You can also set the number of days the discount will be active before and after the holiday. Leave the discount field blank if you don't want to give a discount for a particular holiday.

Time-based deals

Want to create some hype by starting your sale with a 70% discount, but then reduce the offer % with every passing hour or day? Enter “Time-based deals”.

Just fill in the following details:

  • Discount starts at: Starting discount percentage (Eg: 90%)
  • Drop: Percentage to be dropped with every iteration (Eg: 5%)
  • Every: Interval of each drop (Eg: “Hour” for a 5% drop every hour / “Day” for a 5% drop every day)
  • From date: Starting date of your deal (Eg: 01/01/2022)
  • For: Number of days you wish to run the deal for (Eg: 4 days)

Customize and create the discount banner

On the next page, you can customize the look of the discount banner based on your site’s look. You’ll see a real-time preview of what the banner will look like while making the customizations:

You can then either add the banner’s JavaScript file to your website or use Parity Deal’s API to integrate the discounts right within your app.

Analytics and Security measures

Parity Deals also provides you with an analytics dashboard to see a breakdown of the number of visitors and sales by PPP brackets, countries, different coupon codes, and more!

If you are on the PRO plan, you also get some handy security measures built-in to prevent people from misusing the discount codes, like:

  1. Worried about someone sharing a higher % discount code publicly? Parity Deals auto-refreshes the coupon codes every week. The old codes will get deleted, and the new ones will be shown in your site banner without requiring any action from your end.
  2. If someone visits your site with a VPN connection, they will not be shown the discount code banner.

Need help?

Check out Parity Deal’s extensive documentation for any help, or contact them at hi@paritydeals.com.

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