How to prepare a video for streaming

To Stream Or Not To Stream...

When you upload a video file to Gumroad, you can choose whether or not to set your video to be downloadable, or "streaming-only". If you set your video to stream only, customers will not be able to save the video file to their computers, or to their mobile devices.

As an extra security measure, we sign and expire all streaming links to prevent unauthorized sharing and embedding of your film.

The resolution for SD video streaming is 480p, and if you upgrade to a premium account, you get unlimited HD streaming at 1080p.

If your customers rents your video file, or rents a product from you that contains a video file, they will only be able to stream their purchase for 72 hours. Learn much, much more about rentals here.

Preparing Your Video

Gumroad's streaming player supports nearly all file types, and automatically optimizes your video for online playback across all browsers, devices, and connection speeds.

Test both the streaming and rental experience for yourself with this free video from Gumroad. 

For best results, we recommend:

  • The MP4 container format.
  • The H.264 video codec.
  • The AAC audio codec.
  • A screen aspect ratio of 16:9. More rectangular (4:3) or cinematic (2.39:1) ratios will result in black borders.
  • A square pixel aspect ratio of 1:1.
  • Progressive frames (i.e. 720p) instead of interlacing (i.e. 720i).
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