Issuing a refund

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Full refund

Go to your Sales dashboard and click on the sale to open the customer drawer. Then scroll down and click the Refund fully button:

We charge and refund customers in USD. The amount customers receive back in their local currency may be different than what they initially paid due to differences in exchange rates.

Please only issue refunds from your Gumroad dashboard. Our system does not support refunds issued directly from Stripe or PayPal accounts.

Partial refund

To issue a partial refund, enter the amount to be refunded in the ‘Refund’ box and click Issue partial refund

Your customer will still have access to their content after a partial refund.

PayPal refund

If you refund a PayPal Connect purchase, PayPal keeps its fees on the sale but refunds 100% of the amount to the customer. In this case, you would be responsible for PayPal’s fees.

After issuing a refund

Customers receive an email confirmation after a refund is issued. Credit card funds usually take 5-10 business days to appear on the buyer’s account while PayPal refunds are immediate.

In the case of a full refund, customers will no longer be able to access the content or receive the respective product’s updates.

Refunding a customer fully will also delete any product rating they've given.

Handling negative balances

If you have less money in your Gumroad balance than the refund amount, your balance will go negative. We recover this negative balance either from your future sales or by debiting your payout bank account.

Your subsequent payouts will go through only once your net balance goes back above $10.

Refund fees

In the case of refunds, we return the Gumroad fee minus the fee charged by our payments processor (which is not returned to us).

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