Issuing a refund

Issuing refunds through Gumroad is – aside from the loss of money – absolutely painless. Go to your Audience Dashboard and locate your customer by searching for their email address or filtering by the product.

Full refunds

Click on the sale to open their customer drawer with their purchase info. 

To refund a buyer the full amount, click the Refund fully button. Gumroad will refund 100% of the money, including our fee and any taxes paid. Your customer will get back everything they paid us. 

Please note: We charge customers in USD and refund in USD. Thus, the amount customers receive back in their local currency may be different than what they initially paid due to exchange rates. 

Partial refunds

To issue a partial refund, enter the amount to be refunded into the box and click Issue partial refund. You can do this for single-purchase products as well as for membership products. 

After a partial refund, your customer will still have access to their files. A partial refund merely returns the amount you’ve entered, and only full refunds remove a customer's access to a product.

Here’s what partial-refunding looks like:

PayPal refunds

If you refund a PayPal Connect purchase from your PayPal account, PayPal may keep their fees on the sale but refund 100% to the customer, meaning you would still be responsible for fees on PayPal purchases.

After issuing a refund

Once your customer has been refunded, they will receive an email confirmation, and their credit card account should receive the funds within 5-7 business days. PayPal refunds are immediate. 

Additionally, customers will no longer be able to access the refunded purchase and will no longer receive updates from you.

Refunding a customer fully will also delete any rating they've provided to your product. 

Handling negative balances

If you have recently been paid out and your balance is $0, or if you have less money in your Gumroad balance than the amount of the refund, your balance will go negative. 

This is because Gumroad has refunded your customer out of its own balance.

We do not take money out of your bank account or your PayPal account. This means to be paid out, you'll have to sell enough to get your balance positive again. 

For example: You were paid out on a Friday, and your Gumroad balance is now $0. If you issue a $15 refund to a customer, you now have a -$15 account balance. In this case, you would need a balance of at least $10 USD to be paid again and would have to process a total of $25 in sales to resolve.

As per our terms, Gumroad does have the right to reverse payouts from creators if a lot of money is being refunded to their customers.

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