Creating a Subscription product

Get Started

From your Gumroad dashboard, click Add a product. Select Subscription from the 3 options that drop down.

Name your subscription and set the price. You can charge every 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. To toggle between these options click the " /mo" after the price.

You will be able to add more payment options in the next step of the process. See below.

Once they are set, you can neither change your billing rate nor currency. You can change the price of your subscription any time, whether you have subscribers or not. Price changes will not affect previous subscribers, only new subscribers.

Click Add when you are ready to give your product a description. Describe the product, add a product preview, customize your billing form, publish your product, and share it!

Receive the last update?

If you check this box, all new subscribers to your product will receive the last update you sent. For example, if I join your subscription today, and you sent out an update yesterday, I will be able to see it immediately after purchase

On the Edit tab of your subscription product, you can alter your product description, add cover images, sounds, or video (learn more about those options here), and change the price or name of your subscription. Move to Options to continue customizing the subscription.

Payment Plans

In the Options tab, you can set up alternative, possibly incentivized payment plans for your customers (hint hint). Type over the grey font in a box to set a price for that payment option. Once you've set a price, the green checkmark will appear, signaling that this payment option is now "live." Simply click the green checkmark to remove that payment option.

Fixed-length or Forever?

On the Options tab of your product, you can establish whether or not your subscription is fixed-term, or continues until the subscription is either manually cancelled by you or your customer.

Simply type a number into the box marked Length in months to set an end date on the subscription.

Please note that the number you enter must be a multiple of the payment options you are offering on the product. So, if you are offering a yearly payment option, you can't set the subscription to end after 13 months. Make sense?

After a customer's subscription has automatically ended, they will still be able to view all of their updates in their library. This is a terrific feature to take advantage of if you are selling e-courses on Gumroad, or annual magazine subscriptions.

Discounts and Offer Codes

You can not create temporary discounts on Gumroad (i.e. "first month free" or "$3 for the first month, then $10 after that). Any discount you apply to a product will be permanent for the subscribers who use that discount.

You can then customize the look and feel of your product further on the Preview page. Learn more about styling your product here.

Send Updates &/Or Workflows

Subscriptions don't require an initial file to be uploaded, because you send out content at your own pace using the Updates tab. Keep in mind that customers will only receive updates sent out after their time of purchase, unless you have ticked the box marked Have your new customers receive the last update you sent on the Edit tab of your subscription. See above for more context.

To have customers receive updates as you send them out

Go to your Updates tab. Now click the green New Update button and select your subscription product in the dropdown menu. If you send out an update to all customers that update will not be saved in the Gumroad Libraries of the customers of this subscription product. Send out an update specifically to this product's customers to ensure they will always have access to that update.

Write a message to your subscribers, and upload as many files to your update as you like.

If you upload a video, you can also attach Subtitle files, or set the video to be "stream only" so your customers cannot download it.

How it works for customers

Let's say that you send out an update on a Tuesday, and you get a new subscriber on Wednesday. This new subscriber will not receive a download link to your products until you send out your next update. In short, customers will receive all Updates sent out after they buy the product.

To have customers receive something at the time of purchase

Make sure your customers come away from the transaction happy - send them an update right out the gates!

There are two methods you can take:

1. Simply click the box underneath your product description in the Edit tab. This will send your new customers the latest update assigned to this subscription.

2. You can send out automated, scheduled updates to your customers through the Workflows feature. These updates will also show up in your customers' libraries and be saved there. Workflows have quite a robust functionality, and are a great fit for any subscription product. 

To simplify things...

Let's say you are selling a monthly magazine product, and you want your customers to receive the latest issue upon their purchase - nothing fancy, just that latest update. You would just need to:

1) Send out an Update with the latest issue through the Updates tab to your existing customers

2) Make sure that you have checked the box under your product description

Now your existing subscribers will receive the update, and your new subscribers will automatically receive the update after entering their payment information.

If you want new subscribers (i.e. those who join late in the subscription) to be able to see the entirety of your subscription products, see our article on Memberships.

Manage Your Subscribers

Subscribers can often be an unruly bunch, but through the magic of the Customers tab, you can easily refund and cancel subscriptions.

By searching for a customer (click the magnifying glass), you can pull up all of their payments on a subscription. To Refund a customer for a specific payment: Search for their name/email, find the date of the payment, click it, and click Refund. To refund for an entire subscription, you must do this for every payment installment attached to this customer.

To Cancel a customer's subscription, click their information and hit Cancel subscription. They will no longer be charged for the subscription, and will not receive any new updates.

To prevent new subscribers from signing up: Unpublish your product. This will hide it from public view and disable its payment form.

To cancel all subscriptions: Delete the product. Your customers will no longer be charged, and you will not be able to update that product. Learn more about unpublishing and deleting your subscription here.

You cannot currently create an end-date on a subscription. Manually canceling subscriptions or deleting the product is the only way to replicate this.

How Subscriptions Work For Customers

You can decide what a customer sees when they subscribe to you. 

If you select Have your new customers receive the last update you sent on the EDIT tab of your product creation flow, customers will automatically see the latest update as soon as their purchase completes. 

If you do not select that toggle, customers will not receive anything after they purchase your product. They will only receive the next update that you send out. 

They can access all your updates through the Gumroad Library.

By uploading a new file to the subscription and sending an update, you send an email with a download link to your subscribers. Resend a customer's receipt to send them this download file again.

 From the Library, they can cancel their subscription, rate your product, or link directly to your Profile page.

Sometimes a customer will cancel their credit card, or be issued a new card during the course of a subscription. If they do not update their credit card information on Gumroad, their old card will be charged multiple times, the charges will fail, and their subscription will be automatically cancelled. Gumroad gives customers the ability to resubscribe to a product. The following links will be useful to customers in this situation:

Updating your credit card information

How Cancellations Work

You can cancel a customer's subscription through your Customers tab. Just search for their name or email address, click their name, and click Cancel

If you want to cancel the entirety of a subscription for all customers, you must either do this manually, or delete the product from your products dashboard. Hover your cursor over the name of the product and click the that appears to the left of it.

Cancelling a subscription does not refund a customer. You must manually refund them through the Customers tab of your Gumroad dashboard. Learn more about refunds.

If a customer cancels their subscription, they will still receive updates up until the next payment installment of their subscription.

For example, if I'm paying for a monthly subscription that renews on the 15th of each month, and I cancel my subscription on April 15, I will continue to receive updates until May 15th.

Different Methods for Providing Subscriptions

The automatic setting for Gumroad subscriptions is for new subscribers to have access to the latest product, and all any subsequent updates you send out. If you want new subscribers to have access to all your updates, from the beginning of the subscription's lifetime, you can...

Create a Membership

On your Gumroad homepage, click Add a product, Subscription, then Membership. With this feature, you upload files to your product as you create them, and charge your subscribers on a fixed basis. Much like access to a library, this allows your customers to see every file you've ever added to the product, starting at day 1.

Learn all you could ever want to know about Memberships here.

Send out updates to your customers with each installment. New buyers will have access to all the files at the time of purchase. Learn about updating your product here.

Restrictions of Gumroad Subscriptions

Try saying that three times fast!

We are always working to improve the Gumroad subscription feature, but there are a few things we have not built yet. Once we add these cool functions, we will strike them from this list, shout our joy to the world, and return to work in the same clothes as yesterday, drained and smelly, but content and eager to start chipping away at the next feature.

To review (and to put these all in an easy-to-read place), these are:

  • You can neither change your billing rate nor currency after you have created your subscription.
  • You can not change the price of your subscription to affect existing subscribers. Price changes only affect future subscribers.
  • You can not delay payments on subscriptions - i.e. where customers buy the subscription on a launch date in March but do not pay until May. The date of purchase is the date of purchase.
  • You can not create temporary discounts on subscriptions. If you create an offer code, it applies to all payments on your subscription, it will not only apply to the first payment.
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