Creating a Subscription product

Subscription products allow you to charge customers on a recurring basis in exchange for access to a stream of content. For example, you could charge $4/month to let your readers subscribe to a book being released chapter-by-chapter. It's up to you.

How to create a subscription product

From your Gumroad dashboard, click Add a product. Select Digital or Physical product, and then select Subscription (note: if you are adding a digital product, you will also see an option to add a Membership product).

Give your product a name and set the price. The default billing rate is set to monthly, but you'll be able to add additional options for billing rates (every 3, 6, or 12 months) later on in the editing process.

Once you click Next: Customize, you can no longer change your billing currency. However, you can change the price of your subscription at any time, whether you have subscribers or not. Price changes will not affect previous subscribers, only new subscribers.


Here, you can edit the monthly price for your subscription and add additional payment options for your customers. To add a payment option, just click on the box and the green checkmark will appear, indicating that this payment option is now "live" (to remove the option, simply click on the green checkmark). 

You can use this feature to provide an incentive for your customers to pay upfront for your subscription. Just click on the grey font in the box to edit the price for that payment option.

New subscribers will receive the last post you published

If you check this box, all new subscribers to your product will receive the last post you published. For example, if a customer subscribed to your product, and you had published a post the day before, they would be able to see the post immediately after their purchase.

Creating a fixed-length subscription

By clicking the Automatically end subscriptions after a number of months toggle, you can set a fixed-length for your subscription. If you leave the toggle off, the subscription will continue until it is manually ended by either you or your customer.

Simply type a number into the box to set an end date on the subscription.

Please note that the number you enter must be a multiple of the payment options you are offering on the product. For example, if you are offering a yearly payment option, you cannot set the subscription to automatically end after 13 months. 

After a customer's subscription has automatically ended, they will still be able to view all of their updates in their library unless you click the Customers will lose access when their subscriptions end toggle.

Customizing the checkout experience

Add a cover image, video, or audio clip (or use a link from an external website). Your summary will be placed under the green Subscribe button on your product's page. You can also add additional details which will be placed under the summary

In the Payment form section, you can choose to display the Cardholder name field always, never, or only when it will increase conversions. You can also choose whether or not to require shipping information and add any additional optional or required fields that you'd like. 

When your customer subscribes to your product, they will receive an email receipt. To customize that receipt, type your custom message in the Receipt box.  

Discounts Codes

You cannot create temporary discounts on Gumroad subscriptions (i.e. "first month free" or "$3 for the first month, then $10 after that). Any discount you apply to the product will be permanent for the subscribers who use that discount.

To create a discount code, click Add a discount code and type its name in the box. If you'd like the code to apply to all your products, select the All products checkbox. If left blank, the code can only be used on this specific product. In the Amount off box, put the amount of currency that you would like to be subtracted from the price. If you'd like to take a percentage off instead, click the Switch link. If you'd only like to allow a certain number of discount codes to be used, add a quantity in the box. 

Sending files to your customers

Subscriptions don't require an initial file to be uploaded because you send out content at your own pace using the Posts dashboard. Keep in mind that customers will only receive posts sent out after their time of purchase, unless you have turned on the New subscribers will receive the last post you published in the Settings section of your product's edit page. You can also send new subscribers any of your previous posts by clicking on their name in your Customers dashboard, clicking Emails, and then clicking Send next to the posts you'd like them to receive.

To send your customers files, go to your Posts dashboard. Click the green New Post button in the upper-right hand corner. If you choose the everyone audience, the files that you send in the post will not be saved in the Gumroad Libraries of the customers of this subscription product. Be sure to send out an update specifically to this product's customers to ensure they will always have access to that update. To do this, select Customers only and then select your product's name from the Bought dropdown menu.

Write a message to your subscribers, and upload as many files to your update as you like.

You can also send out automated, scheduled emails to your customers using the Workflows feature, which you can find in your Customers dashboard. Workflows will also show up in your customers' libraries and be saved there. 

Manage Your Subscribers

In your Customers dashboard, you can refund and cancel subscriptions. Start by searching for a customer (click the magnifying glass) to pull up a list of all of their payments for a subscription. To Refund a customer for a specific payment, search for their name/email, find the date of the payment, click it, and click Refund. To refund a customer for their entire subscription, you must do this for every payment installment attached to this customer.

To Cancel a customer's subscription, click their information and hit Cancel subscription. They will no longer be charged for the subscription, and will not receive any new updates.

To prevent new subscribers from signing up: Unpublish your product. This will hide it from public view and disable its payment form.

To cancel all subscriptions: Delete the product. Your customers will no longer be charged, and you will not be able to update that product. Learn more about unpublishing and deleting your subscription here.

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