How a customer can make multiple purchases

Outside of Gumroad: The overlay

If you are using the Gumroad overlay to sell products from your own website, and link to multiple products at once on the same page, then your customers will automatically see a neat pop-up bundle-buy form. This is not the same thing as a shopping cart on your site - that is something we're still looking to build out. 

Learn how to set up the Gumroad overlay in this fancy how-to article.

Within Gumroad: your profile page

When you direct a customer to your Gumroad profile, your customers can buy multiple products in one sitting. You can find the URL of this page or change it by going to your settings menu.

When a customer clicks the buy button of a product on your profile, they create a bundle for purchasing.

Their bundle appears in the upper right hand side of the profile page. They only have to enter their credit card or PayPal information once in order to buy everything. Separate receipts for each product arrive in their inbox soon thereafter, for which they can print separate invoices.

If your customers already have Gumroad accounts and have saved their payment information with us, checkout will be even faster as they can skip entering it later.

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