Adding a Cover Image

After adding a product file or license, you can upload a cover image. Cover images can be images or videos (independent of the file you've uploaded as your product file) that advertise, help describe your product, or offer a taste of what's to come.

You can upload multiple "preview" files to a product, and your customers will be able to scroll through them before purchasing.

Compelling cover images (or videos) double conversion rates, contribute to your brand, and give your product its own identity.


A cover image can be a PNG, JPEG, MOV or GIF file. You can also link to a Youtube or Vimeo video.

Adding Cover Images

After you have created a product, click Choose files under Cover to add the cover image. 

The Best Shapes For Cover Images (in pixels):

As a rule of thumb, if you are going to upload an image as a cover image, it should be 1280 pixels wide x 720 pixels tall at least 72 DPI (dots per inch).

Embed Videos:

Hit  Embed from an external website instead and paste your share link. 

If your cover video is hosted on Youtube or Vimeo simply find the URL or share link of the file, for example:

After you copy the URL, paste it into the box. Hit the blue checkmark and the cover photo will change. 

Selecting and Using Multiple Files

You can add multiple files at once by holding down the control or command key while selecting the images/videos you would like to upload.

To upload additional files, click on the box with the plus sign and it'll prompt you to choose a file or add another embeddable link.

Once you have your files uploaded, simply click and drag to change the order in which they appear. Click on the file thumbnail for a larger preview of the image/video.

Removing Cover Images

To remove a cover image, simply click the "X" at the top right of the thumbnail. The next image in line will appear.

For customers

When customers land on your product's page, they will see the image you selected to show first. White circles at the bottom of your cover image and arrows on the side of the image will indicate that there are other cover images to check out.


Thumbnails are completely separate from your cover images, and you do not need to use them. If you choose to add one, your thumbnail is what will show up in customers' libraries, in Gumroad Discover, and your profile page. Make these images, as the page shows, at least 600 x 600 pixels. 

Known Issues

If you experience any blood pressure raising issues while uploading your cover image, be aware that we've seen errors with the following:

  • If the filename of the image/video file contains one of these characters: #, $, _, +, &, ;, :, %, please rename your cover image to something simple like "hello.png" and try uploading it again.
  • You cannot upload a PDF as a cover image
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